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For the project Vyb-Act

So, the active choice of my day.
What most often changes the trajectory of my life is not action, but inaction. Yes, strange as it may sound, but what I don't do, or rather what I stop doing, has a greater impact on my life and has greater positive consequences than something new that I try to start doing...

So today, as a conscious choice that changes the trajectory of my day, I give up the main factor that has lately been limiting me and affecting my free and joyful perception of life - anxiety and worry about tomorrow, about the future...



This is, indeed, the good and positive seed that needs to be sown every day - to try to be in the conscious present, getting the most out of every moment of life lived. To be joyful and happy, no matter what's going on in your head or what's around you. To feel happy just because we are alive, we are living.
It's a difficult task, because causality pervades our whole life. But consistency is the key to success, and if you set it to yourself every day, change is inevitable. Life will become brighter and cleaner and freer.

I wish everyone peace and good)


Living in the moment is sure difficult for us especially when we are concerned about the things the future holds for us.

I think it's the fear of the unknown that causes this dynamic.

Well, since, you have decided to consciously and actively present in every moment of your life, I support you. I hope that the universe will grant you the grace to pull through this new resolution.

Cheers to you, @alekst7

I think you know very well that there is sometimes a huge gap from decision to implementation)..
Thank you for your attention and support, @iskafan)

Hahaha, of course, I do, it takes a lot to say,"I'll start doing this" and then get around to doing it.

However, someone mentioned this to me on Hive, and I think she is right.

She said, If we know our "why's" then taking actions will be piece of cake.

I think it's applicable to every decisions. If we know why we are doing certain things, it changes the dynamics of things, and the way we approach them.

I know how hard it is to live in the present moment, as it's something I've struggled with for a long time. But every day, I hear a little voice in my head saying: Hey, focus on the now.

It's easy to self-delude when we're thinking about the past or looking forward to the future, and I believe the root of all suffering comes from focusing your life on something other and not at here and now.

Congratulations on your conscious choice, I hope it has helped you in a better understanding of yourself.

It's a tough one! Some people struggle with it more than most for a multitude of factors. This week I've said "be here now" to myself... 3 or 4 times? It definitely helps.

Great to see your involvement in #vyb-act! Keep us in the loop :)

What most often changes the trajectory of my life is not action, but inaction.

Sometimes it's better to subtract from the mind than it is to add!

Nice to meet you guys.

Complete inaction? It's probably a consequence of holidays

Yes, after the holidays, of course, the level of laziness increases)...but I was referring to the other inactivity - mental)

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