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"NEVER use any of the oligarchy’s platforms" is a comment I read on a Substack article.
It nearly made me weep. I just sat and stared at it in despair.

Obviously the writer is unaware that the entire internet is compromised.
It does not exist for us.
It exists to monitor and control us.
When we come online we open ourselves to observation.
It knows what time we got up.
It knows who our contacts are and it knows what we say to them.

The internet is a silent spy, invisible but omnipresent.
It controls its domain absolutely.
It is not benign.
It is a monster.
It has no soul.
It has no ethics.
Emotionless and cold, it compiles its dossiers on each of us.
It stores everything we do online.
Every click, every comment and every moment spent reading or watching, down to the nano-second.


The internet IS the oligarchy's platform.
Did you think that any part of it would be unavailable to those who commissioned its invention?

When someone recommends that you migrate from Twitter, Facebook, Google or YouTube, smile at the irony. Nowhere else is any better.
In fact, platforms which offer sweet security deals and encryption are there for a reason.

They attract the conscientious objectors into neat niches where they cannot contaminate the thoughts of the obedient. These niches could be known as ghettos. They perform the same function.

This is the New World Order.
The internet is techno-totalitarian.


Can we build ghettos that are better than the normie cities?

Not really. These ghettos are virtual and still under the regime.

I'm hoping Bastyon can work. Here is an interview with the creator. He explains a lot about censorship, and it is the way he is open about this stuff that has won me over.


Are people who lock their doors at night conscientious objectors? It doesn't stop people from breaking in, but it is accepted as dumb to leave them unlocked to make it easy for criminals. That is how I view absurd platforms like Twitter and YouTube. I saw a Twitter thread linked from here, but the knowledge that it is potentially pruned towards an opinion had me saying No Thanks.


Lol. Sorry, it isn't dumb to leave your doors unlocked? My point is that, just because a more secure platform won't stop Big Dasturdlies from finding you, it doesn't prevent you from being sensible with your privacy. You'll encourage others to do the same and then you won't stand out.