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RE: Review: Takeya Sushi, Vegetable Combo

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Hey thanks for joining hive! I see you’re from the Vancouver area, did the food review blog bring you on here? I don’t know the name at the moment but I will find it!

That sushi looks fantastic, I haven’t had sushi in like 8 months! I miss it!


Wow! Another Vancouverite! I hope we'll see a lot more people from Vancouver joining Hive because rewards on Waivio are mostly for reviews of restaurants in Vancouver/Richmond (check the Rewards section on

Initially I tried to use a guest account, but now created a real Hive account via Blocktrades. It wasn't easy, but I did it!

Anyhow, this is my second review. The first one I posted about Kisamos and got 17 HIVE from (see my wallet history) and I should get 10 Hive for this review as well. In addition to these rewards I am also getting standard author rewards.

It's kind of cool to support local businesses and get cryptos!

Hey sorry got busy I meant to reply!

The account on here is @citygifts that posts the stuff from the Vancouver area. You should connect with them!

It is a bit too difficult to create an account I unfortunately agree. I have account creation tokens that I can offer to any of your friends or associates if you want to get them started on here. It’s instant and easy, just the learning curve of passwords and that stuff. Let me know if you can think of anyone who you think would like one! The account is free for me to create and free for them as well.