~ 125 ~ Walk With Me in Glen Margaret, Nova Scotia <3 Canada

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Spring Has Burst to Life

As you can see though, the trees are yet to explode with green leaves. There is a lot of colour coming from the evergreens, flowers and (like I showed you yesterday) the serviceberry tree, but the forest is still mostly grey and brown.


There is something missing in the photo above...The Sailboat! You've seen the red and white sailboat onshore a few times in my winter #walkwithme's. They put in the water I guess, I didn't see it moored in the cove either. It was so pleasant to think that the owners of the boat were out enjoying the day on the ocean. There's truly no turning back now. Winter is over for realz.


Serviceberry in a grey, white, evergreen and brown forest, can see the ocean peeking through top left. Wild rosebushes at the bottom.


Baby Ferns


Some Boats



Some Birds



A Wild Strawberry Growing in Gravel


The sides of the highway are absolutely lined with them.


The campground is filling up, great to see the bustle of activity starting out there.


This guy has the greatest vegetable garden every year, good to see him out there! It hath begun.



I watched minnows darting about in a tidal pool, look close...


Flower Time!






Back in the HC


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SO much coming to life... that is the wonder of spring! Everything is growing like crazy here on the "left" coast, too... we've been in a cold rain — warmth — cold rain — warmth cycle here and everything is jumping in a way I haven't seen in a decade or more! Seeing the guy working on his vegetable garden really reminded me... giving up another patch of useless lawn this year (I'm tired of mowing!), letting it go to seed. Gonna rototill it in the fall and scatter a few pounds of wildflower seeds out there and hopefully end up with a bright and colorful patch of meadow... eventually!

Anyway, thanks for sharing your corner of the world! Reminds me I want to do another "walk with me" focused on inner worlds of nature!

Oooh yesss!!! Let there be wildflowers!!! <3 <3 <3 #growwildflowersnotlawns!!!

I'll be awaiting your inner world.... <3 <3 <3 Thanks for blessing my blog @denmarkguy!

Nice pics Lyndsay...I heard that the tips of those baby ferns can be plucked, sauteed and eaten (before they uncurl) Some say they taste like Brussels Sprouts, while others say, asparagus.

Yess!! We call them "fiddle heads" but I'm not sure yet what ones are the edible ones...and since I'm not the biggest fan I'm not in a hurry to find out hahaha!! My gramma used to feed them to us....sautéed with butter <3 <3 <3

Oh yeaaahh...Fiddle heads...I heard them referred to as that. (forgot)
So...you ain't gonna 'fiddle' around with em, huh???

Hey @lyndsaybowes I can never tire of seeing your pictures and those flowers look more beautiful and vibrant every time I see them! I love this time of year so much beauty and promise .. thank you for sharing.

Thank you so much for enjoying the beauty PF!! xoxo

Awesome as always. Wow that guy with the garden. I hope he sells his veggies this year. lol. I noticed the trees are much fuller in the city, but really springing to life here now. Things seem to be almost jumping. So nice to see.

That big rain yesterday sure seemed to help, just waiting on these maple trees!

Beautiful Spring walk. Love the different colored flowers that nature provides and the green background to show them off.

very seductive nature of Canada there. I am happy with the nature there that is very friendly and his person I like very much like @lyndsaybowes

Hi @musliwadi!! So great to see you my friend :)

wow, very beautiful photo, I like your way of taking the picture, so that your photo looks very good, I really salute to people who have soul art, because the soul of art is not owned by everyone, and art has a very high price. Thanks for sharing, and wish you a wonderful day....

Thanks a lot for visiting me @steemibu351, I'm glad to see you are still STEEMIN on!

Hay @lyndsaybowes...!!! Thank you very much I say to you, because you share the beauty with me today, I am happy to share the beauty with you...😄 May you there fine and also healthy always..

There is still a long time of spring and you will see that your next pictures will be about colorful landscapes and a fresh environment!

Good pictures, I liked them, I think the flowers are already on the way according to my forecast

The spring really the beautiful and we can enjoy our life in full speed on spring time.

And little by little it will green everything, it shows in the baby ferns and the flowers that you show (I love number 14). Here in my country (Venezuela) many flowers are coming out and the trees are already getting very nice.

That's awesome, I can't wait to see your next #walkwithme in Amsterdam and hopefully soon Venezuela! <3 <3 <3

Greetings. Today I was able to publish, I finished with the ones from Holland. By the way I think you did not see the ones you published before Amsterdam, you would have liked it a lot because it is a tulip park, if you want, you can see it ... Today's publication is from our visit to Belgium. Specifically the city of Brussels. I hope you like it ... From my Venezuela I want to publish about a very nice park but I am hoping that it will be leafy because it is still affected by the drought, I believe that by the beginning of June it will be very green and with many flowers. . Have a nice day. :)

@lyndsaybowes, You inspiring me early morning via impressive photography collections. It's magic of the nature. Baby ferns tremendous looks indeed and multi coloring flowers increase my passion. Sure....I never seen these flowers in my country. Grey, white, evergreen and brown forest nice to see my eyes. Absolutely I feel much cool now. Birds being happy with spring water and environment. See ya again.

I hope you are able to stay cool all day :) Have a great Sunday with your family my friend.

All of beautifuls and awsome @lyndsaybowes😊😊😊
Spring becomes a good season to find the beauty of nature, they looks fresh and happy to grow🌱🌷🌳

Thank you so much for coming over Neilur! xo

One thing I really miss living near the tropics is the seasons. Thank you for posting :)

lovely photography

Good job creative good luck

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