From Web3 Meetup to Marriage | Part 1 Wedding Details

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Hey Hivers! Who would have thought that @brokemancode and I would go from this


to this 💍?


I surely didn't!


We got married on 3.23.23 and I am still on a wedding high! In this series, I would like to immortalize the details, the stories, and the memories on the Hive blockchain - the reason why we met in the first place. I always want to find poetic justice in things, and our wedding day is no exception.


I got lucky to have witnessed the weddings of two of my very close friends in High School. Even luckier when I got a glimpse of their wedding planning. I admit, their weddings were so beautiful that I felt the pressure to keep the streak going, the people-pleaser in me got triggered. Both of my friends were so beautiful on their wedding day and they both deserved the beautiful weddings that they worked so hard to pull off. It was a mistake to have compared what they had to what we had 😌 Comparison, indeed, is the thief of joy; I have to remind myself this more often.

Wedding Planner: Dream Wedding and Event Planner by Girlie

I met Ms. Girlie Loquete Amaquiton in one of my High School Classmate's Wedding. She did the bridesmaids' make-up and she did a fantastic job on mine. I felt pampered by her as she personally did my look on my friend's special day. My partner and I were working with a budget and we wanted to go for a wedding coordinator who wasn't so premium in price and would go above and beyond to turn our dream wedding into a reality. We got the package that already included the following: coordination, photo and video, church and venue styling, sounds and lights, hair and makeup artist, wedding attire, host and DJ, photobooth, bridal robe, robe for the bridal entourage, money sash, wine, invitation, party poppers, van, low lying fog, and sparkulars. Ms. G, as I would like to call her, would always negotiate with suppliers to have them adjust to our budget. She knows how to pick people and she knows how to read and adjust to your preference.

Girlie's Bridesmaid Before

Bride Now.jpg
Girlie's Bride Now

Photo and Video: Michael Chan Photography and Sugbo Films by Lloyd Bryle Mejares

I was a bit anxious about how our wedding photos and video would come out. Knowing that most of my friends who got married were so particular about this aspect of the wedding supplier hunting. One of my friends got the Treehouse Story and flew them from Manila to Cebu. One also remarked "I'm going to go get Pidography Studios for my wedding photos or nothing." When I saw Sir Michael Chan's and Sir Bryle Mejares' teams being so dedicated and agile in capturing the moments at our wedding, my anxiety was replaced with joy. Even more so when I saw their output. I was glad that Ms. G knew me and went with both of them as our photo and video team.


Groom, Groomsmen, and Fathers' Suits, Vests and Suspenders: Vin & Weller

My groom looked so good in his black suit and tie 😍 I think I fell in love with him all over again. Before we settled on this classic look for him, we put on 3 variations of the suits. At first, we wanted to go with a khaki coat and pants paired with a sage green necktie and brown shoes. But this color palette didn't match his skin tone and he wasn't happy wearing it. So, we tried on a black inner polo instead with the same khaki coat and pants and a sage green tie. Still, it did not work. The next day, we tried on an all-black ensemble with a sage green necktie - black inner polo, black suit, and pants. It looked better on him, but we felt that the sage green necktie was giving off bodyguard vibes 😅 With the guidance of my good friend who loved wearing suits, we decided to try on the classic black suit and white inner with black tie and he looked really good. Although not clearly seen in the picture, we opted to have a sage green pocket square, to incorporate the color motif of the wedding.

Groom Suit.jpg
Fred looked so sad in brown 😂

Our groomsmen looked cute in their khaki pants and suspenders. We opted to go for this since it is hot in the Philippines 😂 Do you think they liked their groomsmen's gifts?


Bridesmaids and Groom's Sister's Gowns: Angelo Andoloy


My girls are the best in the world. I was so moved to learn that they all had sacrificed just to make it to our wedding day. They had to fake sick leaves, file unpaid leaves, one had to book a flight from Batangas to Cebu, another had to take a boat from Bohol to Cebu, one had to rebook a flight to Blackpink just so she could make it. They were so busy that they had to order two cups of coffee - one for the am and the other for the pm just to get through the wedding prep and the workload that she took with her on the day of the wedding. I made sure that their wedding attire was to their liking so their gowns were made for their bodies and according to the styles that they chose as well. They looked so pretty in sage green. I got them shades and earrings as bridesmaids' gifts, and handpicked them according to their personalities.


Bridal and Flower Girls' Gowns: Fit&Fab Closet


My bridal gown is special. It was made by someone close to my heart - our principal sponsor and dear Nanay Ms. Juli Ponder of Fit&Fab Closet. It was her first ever bridal gown design and it turned out pretty well. It was tailor-made for my body shape and it was made with love. Every day, she would add new embellishments to the gown to make it look more oomph! At first, my dear work Branch Head gave me her 10th wedding anniversary gown as a gift. Unfortunately, the church we would get married to was strict when it came to dresses and the gown had a tube top. We decided to make a new one altogether with an explanation message to my Branch Head. Nanay Juli also made our flower girls' gowns. They looked so cute.


Bridal Details: Perfume: borrowed from a friend; Shoes, Earrings, Hair Pin: Shein; Invitation: Z Creations; Rings: Oro China; Bouquet and Corsage: Ms. Girlie


I don't have the patience to buy and put on perfumes for myself these days, that's why I opted to borrow my friend's pretty-looking perfume. All of my accessories and shoes are from Shein (as a Shein girl). Our rings are from Oro China and we opted for gold and diamonds. Fred doesn't like to spend so much but when it comes to gold, he'll take it. Huge thanks to Ms. Girlie for sourcing our flowers.


Groom Details: Shoes: Hush Puppies; Belt: Bench, Watch: Timex; Corsage: Ms. Girlie

Fred doesn't like to buy anything fancy for himself so I took the initiative to buy him his shoes and his watch. He loved them so much. Of course, he knew what I liked... but he has yet to buy his wedding gift for me. Fred, if you're reading this, you know what I want 😘



Mothers, Grandmothers, and Family Friend's Gowns: Creations by John Seville, Rene Pette Del Rio

Family life is never without drama. Our wedding day was filled with family tension. There were people who couldn't make it and people we could not invite. Still, I chose to look at the brighter side of things. I am happy that the people nearest and dearest to our hearts could make it, my heart is filled with joy as I see both of my grandmothers still able to walk down the aisle on their first granddaughter's special day. Even if my brother and sister could not make it, they still reached out to me and even made me cry at the reception. People who are not related to us by blood but treated us like family were also there and very much gave their best for our wedding day. I am also happy that I get to share the resort experience with my groom's family.



This blog took longer than expected, and thanks for reading all the way through. Hope you can catch the next parts of this series!


The Gaillery

She is on a mission to become better than who she was yesterday. A candidate for Masters in Business Administration, a Financial Advisor, and now, a wife, she hopes to give value to this space as a motivated individual. She found the perfect marriage between what she wants to do in life and her mission in financial advising. She balances her work and life in the comforts of her home, co-working spaces, and cafes. She loves to meet like-minded people and live her life to the fullest. Watch this space for tales of self-improvement and self-acceptance, per Mark Manson, "the philosophical tightrope."

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Congratulations on your marriage! It's so wonderful to see two people in love come together and start a new chapter in their lives. It's also great that you're sharing your special day with the Hive community and immortalizing it on the blockchain. Don't worry about comparing your wedding to others, your day was unique to you and your partner, and that's what made it special. It sounds like you had a fantastic team of suppliers who went above and beyond to make your dream wedding a reality. Cherish the memories of your wedding day and all the wonderful people who were a part of it. Best wishes for a long and happy marriage!

Happy to be !ALIVE

Thanks for the reminders @old-man-chu58 ! We are the happiest to learn that people went above and beyond to give us their best on our wedding day 😁

@thegaillery! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @old-man-chu58. (4/10)

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I think this is one of the dreamiest and loveliest weddings I have ever seen!
Congratulations to both of you, you look a wonderful couple and I am sending you my warmest, most heartfelt wishes for health, happiness and !LUV !!

Thank you @katerinaramm 😊 we need those well-wishes 🤍

Congrats and best wishes.You look so pretty😍😍😍,I love the motif😍

Thank you @mitch18 ! Our motifs were sage green and gold - which meant money for both of us 😂 but the outcome turned out to be more green than gold

Oh, congrats for both of you ❤️❤️❤️
Happily ever after! ❤️
You are looks so beautiful 😍😍😍😍

Thank you @anggreklestari ! We know there are a lot of challenges ahead but we will face them together 🤍

Oh, wow! It's an unexpected journey and really tremendous. Congratulations! I hope you always smile like this. I'm so glad you shared this happy day with us 😊🎉

Thank you @incublus ! We want to share this happiness with all of you 🤍

Congratulations 🎉 an excellent wedding 🌹🌷🌷❤️💞❤️

The photos are so good 😍 They had captured your moments well!! Congratulations to the both of you! <3

Thank you @hiddenblade! We are so in love with the photos as well! 🤍

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww this so sweeet, i am happy you enjoyed your fairytale wedding and congratulations to you both😘

Thank you @ibbtammy 🤍 This was far from a fairytale wedding but it was the best for us 🤍🥺

I can’t help but look at the pictures from your wedding over and over again 🙈🙈

Great images. Congratulations!

Thank you @holoz0r 😊 we had the best team 🤍

Wow! My heartfelt congratulations to both of you @thegaillery and to your lovely families! Best of health, wealth, and more of God's blessings! 🙏😊

We need all of them @storiesoferne health, wealth and God's blessings 🤍 Thank you 🤍🤍🤍

Aww congratulations lovely couple 💖 best wishes to both of you :)

Wow! Congratulations to you both, blessings on you two forever.

Congratulations to you both! It was a beautiful wedding and you both look fabulous. Best wishes for a long and happy marriage!

life is full of surprises, for sure

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Wow. That's an amazing story! Congratulations to the both of you. How wonderful that Hive could bring you together!

Thank you @zakludick! Yes, what started as a curiosity for both of us, ended in a life-changing decision 🤍

My partner and I are both on Hive as well, we want to get married, but we are biding our time. We would need to pay for anything ourselves and we have 3 children.

Hopefully one day we shall have a happy special experience to share like you are with us now! I love seeing all the character among your guests and you just look super happy!

Have a great day!

Congratulation to you both. I like everything about your wedding.

Thank you @ladyfoth 🤍 there were things that I wish I could change but overall, it was beautiful 🥺

superb Congratulations to you both and may Allah bless you happy life, stay happy both

Thank you for the well-wishes @yousafharoonkhan 🤍

Beautiful wedding! I'm sure your guests felt honored to join and celebrate with you.

Thank you @hivetrending 😊 yes, they were 🤍 we hope they were 😊

Wow all of you are looking beautiful and gorgeous 😍. Love all these group photography. Bride and groom are too much beautiful 😍. God bless you always. And congratulations for your new beginning ❤❤❤❤

Thank you! You got that right. This is just the beginning 😊

OMG congrats!!!! You look so beautiful and your dress is amazing 🤩🤩🤩🤩

Thank you @queercoin 😊 My dress is really special because it was made by someone really close to my heart 🤍

Awww that's so sweet!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️

many many congratulations on the sis🎊 hope you have great wedding God bless you

Thank you @sanach ! Things did not go as smoothly as planned, but I'm glad that it's done ❤️

you're welcome always keep smiling ☺
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Congratulations! Marrying your friend must be one of the best things that can happen in love. Everything in the wedding looks so beautiful, the colors of everyone's clothes and the details. It was surely a very special day for everyone. I'm happy for you, you all looked so happy and stylish! 😃

Thank you @lauramica 😊 It was destiny for sure 😂 when we met, we both had our partners but after some time, we met when we were both single again 🤍

That is awesome congrats and best wishes for a happy life..Lucky couple


We need more of that 😊

Congratulations and may this union bring you many great milestones.

Thank you @mcsamm 🤍 That is the goal! 💯

😊😉 Wow! Congrats!! that's sooooooooooooo awesome and a beautiful thing..

Congrats to Both of You... best wishes for a happy life together. It is going to be such a wholesome story to read... can't wait to see the second part of this series.

You guy's have made history like first couple meet on Web3! Woah, before that I heard some found soulmate from Video Games or old school internet and This is just Awesome!

So, Happy for you Guys. Both are Looking Amazing!! Again, best wishes!

Thank you @idksamad78699 😊 it's funny for both of us as well 😂 when we met, we just wanted to explore web3. In the end, web3 opened the door of connection between the both of us 🤍

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congratulations, I wish you both a lot of happiness. May you keep those beautiful smiles all your life. 💞

Thank you @arcange ! 🤍 We hope to keep these smiles too

Congratulations on sharing your love story in the post! I loved reading how blockchain technology was present in your wedding and how you involved the community. Congratulations on your wedding and your love story.

Thank you @jomancub! 🤍 We had to give back to the community that started it all for us 😊

First of thank you so much for making hive and hive people a part of your mesmerizing experience.
You guys are looking incredibly cute together and also i didn't personally believed in marriage but this detailed blog made me blush in every single line.
God bless both of you

Thank you @surabhi ! It's making me blush thinking that we made you blush 😍

Congratulations @thegaillery and @brokemancode!🥳

Thank you @jongcl!!

Your wedding photos are amazeeee! Hehe🥰😍❤️

Just wow! Congrats on your wedding guys, you moved so fast! I heard lots of stories from hive meetups and how quickly some relationships are made (not necessarily of love), but was in doubt thinking that if you are really going to keep in touch with the people you met there. Seems like it's a yes! And I'm really happy for you <3

Thank you gabby!! 🤍🤍🤍 We had no clue that we were going to end up with each other as we both had other partners when we met but love moves in mysterious ways 💗

Congratulations! You look so stunning in your wedding gown, plus the makeup. Everything's so perfect with your beautiful face. And ooh... Happy to know that you found your other half through this online world. 😍

Thank you for your kind words @mayt 🤍🤍🤍

@daltono hive meetups may be the ticket! Congratulations on the wedding @thegaillery may you 2 have the happy ending most of us dream of!

!GIF Stunned

💍 Congratulations 🎉
Wish you all the best for new journey 👩‍❤️‍👨


Its such a lovely pics! Congratulations to the both of you 😊

Thank you @zel-diaries 🤍 we are so in love with the pictures too 😍

You both look stunning together. Wish you all the best on this beautiful journey.

Thank you @fitgeek 💓 we'll need all of the help we can get

Awe so pretty😍
Wishing you both a Happy Married life❤️

Congratulations, girl! Grabe! Amazing kaayo inyong story and I'm so happy to witness it. Sorry jud wala ko kaattend sa kasal. Meet up nya ta soon para makabawi ko. 😆

Bwahahahaha! Alam mo yan 🤍


Waoo, encontré ésta publicación y es realmente hermosa su historia de amor, se refleja la felicidad inmensa que hay en los novios, familiares y amigos.... Muchas felicidades. Ah, me gustó mucho la frase en la que dices que "La comparación es la ladrona de la alegría, sabias palabras. Bendiciones 🙏

¡Gracias por leer hasta el final! nos alegra que te guste ☺️

Congratulations may you have a long and happy married life.

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