Wednesday walk along the Vršac hill...!

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The Vršac mountains rise in the middle of the Pannonian plain in the southeastern part of Banat. Beneath the mountains are beautiful vineyards.

So today I decided to take a walk in the woods, to see the vineyards, a beautiful autumn day very mild and sunny.


From Vršački breg there is a beautiful view of the landscape, which is painted on a large plain and various shrubs that adorn the surroundings with their beautiful colors in autumn.





The last photo represents a large door with the path of health written on it. That way I will descend a little lower to the vineyard.



Now I am in the vineyard, I came across some more ripe grapes, so I sweetened myself along the way 😉



From the vineyard there is a view of a small church.


On the other hand, we can see the Vršac hill, where the Vršac tower is located, which is also a symbol of the city.


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