This Tolerance HACK Will Get You Higher!

in #weed2 years ago

I get asked about Tolerance a lot. People start smoking more and more and eventually feel like they’re not getting as high as they used to. Many people are looking for some sort of Easy fix to get them back to that first time high. Honestly, you’ll probably never get back to that first time high, but there is something you can do to manage your tolerance better.

So typically someone's approach to fixing their tolerance is they come into my Twitch stream(LOWKEY PLUG FOLLOW MY TWITCH)and ask me… “Hey man, I’m not getting high anymore, how many days should I take a tolerance break.”

It’s literally always the same question. Like I’m gonna spit out some magic number of days that universally works every single person to metabolize and eliminate all the THC from their system. “QUEEF Muncher 69, 13 day tolerance break and you shall be REBORN.” Everybody’s different, THC metabolites are stored in body fat and people with more BF are gonna take longer to cleanse vs people with less bodyfat.

However, when I get asked about Tolerance Breaks I usually give the same reply. Tolerance Breaks are a Scam. I don’t take tolerance breaks and I can still get SUPER High, I Smoke Everyday. Tolerance Break just comes off as a buzzword people try to fit into any conversion about managing tolerance because they really haven’t tried anything else. Peoples only approach is “Welp, Tolerance Break, How many days?”

You usually ask about tolerance breaks when you find yourself smoking more and more. You go from smoking 1 gram to 3 grams a day and think to yourself, I’m not getting 3 times as high….

I’ve been there with my tolerance. At one point I used to dab so much that sometimes I would wakeup in the middle of the night…..for a dab. I would literally have a rig and torch ready on my nightstand. At that point I realized I might be overdoing it.

But how do you fix that?!?!?! Quit cold turkey and try to not smoke for a couple weeks?!?!? Have you ever actually done that, it’s terrible. If you have a high tolerance and you just stop smoking, it can have a pretty negative effect, not for everybody. But FOR ME, Problems with my appetite, Trouble Sleeping, Night-sweats, overall just feeling terrible from lack of smoking.

Well this is where my Secret Tolerance Hack comes in to play.


I’ve talked about this before. Not only do I recommend Moderation for all stoners trying to get recreationally high. I also recommend it for someone trying to quit, or if you genuinely want to take a break from smoking. It’s a lot easier on a person to reduce the amount they smoke over time as opposed to just stopping completely all at once.

I think it’s crazy that most people's only method for tolerance management involves them getting to the point where they are overdoing it and now they gotta quit cold turkey.

Moderation is Key. Have you heard of intermittent fasting? Well try intermittent smoking. Typically I don’t wake and bake or even smoke while the sun is up. There are exceptions but most of my smoking is done after 9pm(on Twitch, join me over there) and only for a few hours. For me this means by the time I take my first hit, I haven’t had anything to smoke in about 18-20 hours. That first hit of the day when I finally take it, INCREDIBLE.


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