Wrapping Up The Vegetative Stage

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Explosive Growth

The plants have grown rapidly. They’re getting close to maximum size for this space so the final steps are being taken in preparation for flowering.


Helping them get through

the cages is necessary sometimes. Many hours are spent training branches into place. I pull inside branches out and allow the inner ones to get more light and shoot up. This gives the plants a globe shape and maximizes canopy square footage.


Right down the line

the color looks great and the canopy is filling in nicely. You wouldn’t know it but many garbage bags of big shade/fan leaves have already been removed. It’s a never ending job.



Back in my happy place

I can leave the cares of the world behind. Here in the garden, cannabis leaf Pom poms are the focus of the day, and totally acceptable.


Cleaning up these bottoms

is not only eliminating easy habitat for pests. It also directs energy to the flowers forming higher on the plants.


Bags and bags of shwag

Two rows down and one to go.

Thanks for checking out this garden update

Until next time remember to always #growyourown if you can, if not, #knowyourfarmer and always


Damn. Those are looking phenomenal

Wow, best garden I've seen in a long time!

Right on my brahda 🤙 thanks. So stoked to be back growing da kine here in the islands. Hope you’re still growing. I remember your black jack looked beautiful.

Yeah paradise is the best place for plants, tropical weather, perfect humidity, less traffic, not a lot of bugs, & good laws, it's the life. I haven't been growing them like I used to however, lost that blackjack strain, so just have to start over again eventually.

I couldn't believe it, smoke.io was gone last time I checked, not sure what happened? I guess smoke just wasn't meant to be. Surprised you didn't use the weedcash tag, your post would've been awesome on there too. Thanks for the reply! 🤙🤙

Wow absolutely incredible.

And absolutely top-notch top shelf work.

My only advice is to read up and cure very carefully and the right way. And you are looking at a very awesome and beautiful harvest.

Excellent work on cleaning out the low stuff and I generally do all of that as the plant grows. So you do reduce the shock of losing so much leaf material which happens to be like fat on a pregnant girl it supports and stores extra nutrients for making seeds.

Leaves and the plant actually pulling the nutrients out of them to support flower growth is an amazing process.

Thank you so very much for sharing and I really wish you the best of luck this year with your gorgeous flowers.

Thanks so much farmer. Happy to see you and dog are doing awesome. Keep growing brother. ✌️

I agree with every single word you have said, Man.

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These things are mammoth in size and the many hours of meticulous care really shows.

I chuckled a bit at your comment about the garbage bags of foliage removal, because while looking at the photographs and reading along, I was thinking that there must be heaps of foliage work for you, and then you verified what I was thinking 😄

I can't wait to see the yield on these monsters, thank you for sharing, keep up the amazing work my friend! 😃✌️

Very beautiful, love the pic with the leaves in hand.

Thank you. I once made 50 bundles for a florist who was doing a cannabis themed wedding. They are beautiful leaves.

Wowww..... Oh boy! The weed plants are so glamourous. I can't believe they are still a lot of weeds I am yet to lay my gorgeous hands on.

Carry on with the bliss that it brings.


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Thank you, I do so enjoy my time in the garden.

You are welcome, That is some really great and exquisite garden you got right there.

Uhmmmm, Do you take some of the weed? Or it's strictly for business?

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Yes, I’m currently making FECO and taking it daily as well as smoking. Trying to smoke less lol ✌️

Haha, That's quite impressive. I like the sound of that.😆👏🏻

Wait, What's FECO?

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Full extract cannabis oil (FECO)Similar to Rick Simpson oil but made with everclear or other grain alcohol. It’s very good for inflammation of any kind. Real medicine ✌️

For real? That mixture is insane and Lit!!🔥🔥
Okay, I get you. Keep it real. That's massively dope.🔥

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Excellent!! Those are so healthy, would love to see a post about what you feed, grow medium snd all that jazz. And isn’t bending and tucking branches so stress reliving?

Great idea😊thanks I will do one.

Such an amazing looking garden. These things are massive. I am looking forward to their flower stage.

Thanks for checking it out. I know you’re a punch grower too. Yours is straight purple punch right?

I’m looking forward to seeing the flowers on these monsters as well. 🤩