Florida Not Ready To Give Up Detentions Over Plants

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Back in Aug of last year state officials in Florida had advised the public that they would no longer be seeking to prioritize cannabis arrests. One Miami-Dade State Attorney announced that they would stop seeking to arrest people for misdemeanor cannabis-related crimes.

But it looks like they didn't do anything of the sort.

Jail records allegedly suggest that cops in Miami continued arresting people for misdemeanor cannabis crimes, such as possession etc. Hundreds of people were arrested just in that one region of the state.

They are still actively rounding up and caging people over what has been known to provide benefit to people for thousands of years. Cannabis has been helping to fuel remedy to ease the suffering of millions of people and those who use it claim that it has directly helped to improve their quality of life to help them tackle a myriad of illnesses and symptoms. Still, federal authorities and health officials are dragging their feet on acknowledging this.

The more that scientists today investigate cannabis the more that we see there is potential for healing with this natural substance. But we still need to know more.

The last thing we should be doing is locking people up over it and preventing access when there is hope that any sort of potential healing might be reaped from it, from those who are willing to try. For those who aren't, they don't have to partake. But they shouldn't be making that decision for others.

Arrested After Sharing And Showing

One man in Florida was a little too optimistic in his efforts at trying to persuade law enforcement in the region to relax a little bit on their prohibition stance.

He proudly invited police to smoke a bowl with him and asked them to check out his cannabis plant; he seemingly wanted to show them that there's nothing to fear. But they refused that offer to partake and consequently arrested him as a result. Even though you might be growing this plant on your very own property and though you might not be bothering a single soul in the universe with those actions, you still must be locked up. Sounds nothing like freedom, but that's still the world that we live in.

There is an ongoing effort to seek recreational cannabis legalization in the state of Florida, which had one group backing the 2020 ballot initiative who needed at least 700k+ signatures to make the amendment happen, but they didn't reach their goal because of the limited time to verify the needed signatures. Now they are looking to 2022.

Already, the state's AG has filed a petition to stop the recreational effort from moving forward, attempting to block that initiative. But support for cannabis freedom in Florida is at an all-time high, even if people might wrongfully assume that means opting for legalization over decriminalization is the better solution.

They just want to see change, for the policing of this plant to come to stop operating at the nonsensical level that it is right now. The current rules are more harmful than helpful. Aside from those looking for legalization, there are also multiple efforts ongoing looking at different solutions, bills introduced that are seeking decriminalization too.

Time To Unclog The Justice System

They want to reduce the penalties and free up law enforcement resources to tackle serious, violent crime. There are some who might not agree with cannabis use, or growing, trading etc, but do they agree that money from their pockets should be used to attack and detain those people? What if they had to pay for that willingly and voluntarily, do you think many people would want to send a weekly check to that cause?

Not likely.

Previous surveys have suggested that as much as 60 percent of the United States population is ready to see legal cannabis, a change from the old days of prohibition as we know it involving this substance. But yet around the country, still, more people are being arrested for cannabis than almost any other 'drug' out there.

Cannabis prohibition hasn't worked in the state of Florida, or elsewhere, and today is readily available. You can tell this based on the continued number of arrests they keep making. Authorities have previously cited federal restrictions that remain on cannabis for their defense as to why they can't make any changes toward cannabis freedom but that excuse is getting old. And that is coming from a group that has demonstrated profound ignorance in differentiating between cannabis, cbd, thc, or 'hemp' etc, and following the law surrounding those substances. Their lack of training has resulted in many innocent people being arrested and ultimately being at risk of having their lives ruined because of it.

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Eventually, Florida will join the legal distribution of Cannabis, as a revenue generation machine, up to and including the sales to the 40 million plus tourists which visit and will buy during their visit to the Sunshine State. Tax + Larger budgets, plus lower taxes for resident of this great state.

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Swimming in GOLD.....................

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i dont think lowering taxes will ever be on their agenda 😂😂, gotta keep feeding the machine!

Maybe I jumped the gun a bit, I meant not raising or keeping taxes flat. I lived in Florida previously for 18 years, tourists subsidize the tax base for the residents. 15% lodging tax, the 7% sales tax, tolls, rental car tax, Florida is a no-income tax state.

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We're doing our best here in Orlando to try and get Orange County's sheriff to prioritize real crimes instead of drug-related infractions. The conservatives in this state are holding the state back.

it is a special skill that statists have to offer the world 😂😂

people rape and murder, but the ones dealing evil marijuana lands in jail

i came across one case where a man got a few months for involuntary manslaughter, having murdered someone... a few months. Meanwhile a guy with a joint in his pocket literally gets life behind bars. The CSJ makes sense like that... smh

@porters here on behalf of @NaturalMedicine - Can't wait for the time when cannabis can be treated just as the beneficial herb that it is! Finally legalized it here in Canada but with limitations!

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Too many entities looking to make money on criminalizing their citizens, plus what better way to keep us under government/law enforcement control.

for our safety.. because highway robbers.. don't forget it would be a mad max reality out there without these trusty overlords of ours being in their current positions of power.