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my_name = @loonatic
Got the Python connection 😎

code by @felixxx

gif's made by @bubblegif

As you may have noticed, we built a comment bot for Hive and it has been operational for some weeks now. We are still working out some kinks and additional features.

🥦 how it works 🥦

  • bot scans all hive transactions, constantly
  • if the bot-command (!WEED) is in the body of a comment, the bot checks:
    • if the user has successfuly used the bot in the last 24h
    • ìf the user has enough WEED CASH tokens staked (420)
    • if the user isn't op
    • if all above criteria are matched:
      • the bot votes the op
      • the bot transfers WEED to op
      • the bot stores the operation in its persistent DB

The original reply gets edited until it reaches 4 users, to avoid spam.

Further development

Right now I (@felixxx) am rebuilding the block-stream, to make it more robust. Hive nodes are unreliable and hive-engine nodes even more so.

Obviously, the bot can not trigger on every command; this could be easily abused and cause spam.
There are many ways to solve this issue, and if you can put it into plain English, I can probably code it that way.

As this is being used by a community, I'd like to ask the community how to go about some questions, but please keep in mind, that we want a non-intrusive bot and not annoy people. Please also consider how there will always be people trying to abuse a service like this and that we have to make sure this is not worth the effort:

Should the bot trigger only on main posts?

...or should the bot also trigger on replies? (as it does now)
If so: how deep?
Should replies be treated differently than main posts?

Should the bot only be useable every 24h?

It could work on a precharge basis, where users can charge the bot with WEED.
It could also be any number of hours.
Or a mix of both?

Are there any other features you would like to see?

I can give the bot a discord functionality, so it can do jobs on Discord, too.
Registration, charging, triggering... again:

if you can put it into plain English, I can probably code it that way.

If I like the feature and it is easy to build, I can add it to the bot.
If it gets complicated or is something I don't enjoy building, you can always pay me 💵.

Final notes

I (@felixxx) am building this in my spare time and for free.

If you want access to the code or if you want a custom built bot for your community, contact me here or better on Discord.


Great job on the bot, I am think it's best on the main post only and not so much on replies. This will allow less spam IMO

That is right.

At the same time, I would like good comments to be rewarded, too.
Sometimes a reply deserves more votes than the op, I think.

I prefer to keep it in it. the more joints for everyone the more fun you can always do the stop command

Awesome!!!! I want more I came here to vote!

This is some pretty great news, it brings a little more utility to weedcash. I love to see it.


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This is amazing man congratulations on building an awesome bot

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