Two nap weekend

in #weekend3 months ago

HI Friends,

If you judge a weekend by the number of naps you sneak in, then I had a great weekend as I got two naps in!


I was traveling on business last week and there were lots of things going on - seems like I was behind on sleep all week. Well, I caught up this weekend, so I am ready for the week ahead!

Did you get a nap in this weekend?

Thanks for coming by,


I try to get it no longer than 15-30 mins every weekend. Otherwise, I don't feel good if I sleep longer during daylight.

Woow…. Just two. I’m sure I’d still be dozing off here and there. But it’s actually better than nothing. Have a great week

I also have naps during the week. I haven't counted yet. Because I don't need it. sleep gives us freshness. Thanks for sharing.