Weekly and Fresh 📸 (33/52)

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Hi Hive!

33rd week done!!!

It for sure does feel good to make progress. Even if you are in a creative slump.

Making daily posts can sometimes become difficult, but if you are persistent, you will eventually find it'll get easier. That is what I believe, although it doesn't always feel like it.

Btw. I recently created a Daily and Fresh community, so join there if you want to post your daily and fresh photos!

Here are the posts I made in #DailyAndFresh last week:


Autumn colours (photoart) 📷


My editing got terminated by an overheated processor. 📷


Posing for the camera in the forest 📷


Manga and Donald Duck comics 📷


RaspberryPi found, ideas? 📷


Stormy outside so... 📷


Dahlia (and a little bit about Bash programming with kids) 📷

See you again soon!

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Last week a little bit mix of everything, it gives different ideas and additions.

Nice autumn colours! Soon, we’ll see snow!?

A bit too warm for snow, and there are still many trees with leaves green. The autumn colours are coming fast though. We will see.

I'm guessing the first snow may come in November.

Thank you!

This amazing photoart

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