Whalepower Blog 11 February - Subscribed Membership for February Month Bulletin [ ENG | Bahasa ]

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We would to Thank Our February Month Subscribed Members for Supporting #whalepower Project.
Total number Members for February month "31 x Registered Members".

We are working hard for you , Manually processed your Posting , We hope you will enjoy this benefits.
This is our first time implement this Subscription as we are growing rapidly. Since June 2017 , we have been helping many Authors to success.

The next renewal will be at 19 February 2018 , so we are giving you guys an extra week in advance for March month subscription.

"Per one week subscription for #whalepower Tag usage 1.25 SBD" or
"5 weeks for 5 SBD" ( must subscribe before the month start )

Pay to @whalepower Account

Make sure you use #whalepower Tag , otherwise you will be miss out. We Follow #whalepower Tag not the authors.

Best is to Registered yourself while using #whalepower Tag


Kami mengucapkan terima kasih kepada Anggota Berlangganan Bulan Februari untuk Mendukung Proyek #whalepower.
Jumlah anggota untuk bulan Februari "31 x Anggota Terdaftar".

Kami bekerja keras untuk Anda, Mengolah Posting Anda secara manual, Kami harap Anda akan menikmati keuntungan ini.
Ini adalah pertama kalinya kami menerapkan Subscription ini saat kami berkembang pesat. Sejak Juni 2017, kami telah membantu banyak Penulis untuk sukses.

Perpanjangan berikutnya akan dimulai pada tanggal 19 Februari 2018, jadi kami memberi Anda tambahan minggu sebelumnya untuk berlangganan bulan Maret.

"Langganan satu minggu untuk pemakaian #whalepower Tag 1.25 SBD" atau
"5 minggu untuk 5 SBD" (harus berlangganan sebelum bulan dimulai)

Pastikan Anda menggunakan #whalepower Tag, jika tidak, anda akan kehilangannya. Kami Ikuti #whalepower Tag bukan penulisnya.

Terbaik adalah Terdaftar diri Anda saat menggunakan #whalepower Tag

written by @bullionstackers

#whalepower A Project for Better Community

All #whalepower Contents / Images are Copy-Rights
If you want to use any part of this, please ask for permission first.

#whalepower Help-Desk Discordapp @bullionstackers

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Follow and Visit my Page at @bullionstackers


Terima kasih untuk informasinya😀
Saya resteem agar yang belum mendaftar, segera mendaftar dan mendapatkan manfaat dari #whalepower

Thank you your support. I plan to pay 5 SBD by February 19.

Payment Accepted for March Registration. Thank you
Thanks for your Support.

Saya pernah kehilangan 7 SBD waktu akun Steemit saya dibajak hacker.
Sekarang saya sedang mengumpulkan SBD lagi untuk mendaftar menjadi anggota Whalepower

Hello @whalepower
I have registered for February. I transfered 5 SBD.
could I register again,but right now is haven't yet a middle of february...,

19 February for March month.

Hai mba @ettydiallova, saya masih awam nih. Manfaat yang diperoleh ketika registrasi apa ya mba, mohon pencerahannya :)

Good support my friend we appreciate this initiative. Whalepower!

This post has received a 6.94 % upvote from @boomerang thanks to: @accumulator

21.60% @pushup from @accumulator

Let's do another pushup
Great exercise there, thank you for ya service

Bagaimana cara untuk mengikuti project nya?
Apa hanya membuat tag #whalepower itu artinya kita telah menjadi pelanggannya?
Mohon pencerahannya

Utk mjd member dan menggunakan tag #whalepower hrs byr keanggotaan 1.25 sbd utk satu minggu dan 5 sbd utk 5 minggu.

Wadohhhh saya belum pun dapat satu sbd :(
belum bisa bergabung kalo demikian

Pake tag whalepower dulu gpp kok mas tp nggak dpt prioritas vote dr whalepower, dkk. Semangat terus mas @asrul.aziz

Terima kasih bg atas informasinya.
Mudah2an sesegara mungkn bisa bergabung ke dalam project

Semangat Mas @asrul.aziz
one for all
all for one!

bersama kita bisa

saya memberi pada mu

1.25 satu minggu

Oww...sorry @bullionstackers, my mistake.

No worries Coinfarmer
Ok, Terima Kasih lagi

Thanks for the information dude.
Hopefully, I can join the project as soon as possible.
Wish you all the best

tiap tanggal berapa mulai bayarnya, atau ada pemberitahuan?

Pembayaran tiap akhir bulan utk bulan selanjutnya mas @hadipedia. Tdk ad pemberitahuan..misal daftr skrng utk bln maret kirim 5 sbd (utk 1 bulan) dan memo: fee member for march.

I paid for the 5sbd plan. Thank you for your support!

Bagaimana bagi pengguna tag #whalepower yang tidak mendaftar keanggotaan?

Its a very good post i will give u support dear senior @whalepower

Hi @bullionstackers and team! When can I pay for April subscription renewal? PLMK. Thanks! : )

Monthly Renewal fall from the 19th day week of the month onwards.
There will be a Limit Cap membership subscription this time round. ( Monthly / Weekly )
First come first serve bases.
No Reminder send.

On my way now if I am not too late. Send 5 to @whalepower?

Thanks. I am on my way now. : )

How to join your discord.. i want to join your community

Just use #whalepower Tag for now, we will review your performance.

bagaimana cara mendaftar keanggotaannya?
dan manfaat nya apa?

Berlangganan bulanan. (Satu minggu 1.25 SBD) atau (5 SBD satu bulan.)

gunakan tag #whalepower

Sorry if this makes you angry @whalepower
.. i just got the idea of ​​this post😄

I want be team whale power,

I really want to follow this project .. but what sbd delivery need to be accompanied by memo. if indeed he how @whalepower .. thanks for your generosity to advance us steemian indonesia.

Wish to say I sincerely appreciate you guy's manually up vote. Of course, I can expect a missed vote since a missed vote is to be human, but the manual curation means a lot. Thanks to everyone.

Thanks @coquiunlimited .Finally , you show up. Thought you never read anything here?

I am usually too sick and too weak to search. Wish we'd get notifications when certain people post. Steemit needs this, it would make things a bit easier. My apologies for the delay.

I will be back on Feb. 19th to renew for the month of March. Thank you as always for your continued support. : )

I love ❤️ @whelepower. Follow @yasir123

I've registered for February membership. To make whalepower team comfort, I only used #whalepower tag once a day, maximum two times. See, I only used 2 of three given quotas.

Honestly, I am very disappointed with the service. If I remember correctly, registered member will be given priority when using #whalepower tag, but as far I can see, I didn't.

Yes, they did upvoted me but with very low value. I understand about putting good quality in every of my post and I did that, but the result was far from what I expected. I felt like an abandoned member. I don't understand how they measure the quality of a post, do I have to make long long post to be considered as high quality post?

Just now, I met a friend who is also active steemian and talked about #whalepower tag, he didn't register the #whalepower subscription, he told me that he still used the tag and got upvoted, with a low value of course. I understand it because he is not a member. But me? I hope you understand how I feel about this. I felt like wasting my SBD for nothing, I am sorry I had to say that.

From now on, I'll keep use the tag, not because that I want it, but I deserve it because I subscribed to it.
I think I'll stop using the tag in March.

All right, I've said all things I have in my mind.
I'll move on now.


You expecting too much? I will personally reimburse you.
Good Bye!
What ever we gave you can keep it.
Don't come back.
Have reimburse your Full Amount, from my account.

untuk bulan Februari ini berapa yang harus saya donasi.

Ini untuk pendaftaran di bulan Maret, 5 SBD sebulan.
Tag #whalepower harus diterapkan.

Oke terima kasih.

bagaimana cara kalian membedakan antara member yang sudah bayar menggunakan tag #whalepower dengan member yang tidak membayar tetapih menggunakan tag #whalepower

@whalepower, bagaimana cara mendaftar? Apakah transfer 1.25 sbd ke whalepower langsung jadi anggota?

Good seeing this community growing this rapidly, hope to see your members increase more in the future

You got a 12.90% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @accumulator!

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thank you whalepower, we're glad you're there with us, thanks for the info, whalepower is always glorious, thanks.

terima kasih whalepower, kami senang anda ada bersama kami, terima kasih atas infonya, whalepower selalu jaya, terima kasih

Informasi yang bermanfaat, sudah saya resteem mohon follow @nasir83 dan bantu vote juya ya https://steemit.com/photography/@nasir83/capung-or-anisoptera

Kita ikuti tag #whalepower , berinteraksi dengan kita.
Dukung kami, kita bisa sukses bersama.

thank you buddy for the support, for me who wrote. i need help from all friend,

Don't we All.

every post I always use whalepower tags
Thank for the help @bullionstackers @whalepower @the-reef

Thanks for visiting.

How did you do it, av you register with them, please put me through

Well, Now I know how many are Supporting!
Brilliant .

How many was that?

Fotonya bagus

Halo.. bagaimana caranya mendaftar? Apakah masih bisa mendaftar?

Saya ingin bergabung..
Terima kasih

Apakah cuma menambahkan tag @whalepower di anggap sudah terdaftar.

Atau ada aturan tambahan yang lain?

I have vote you please . I am a beginner @whalepower

Bagaimana caranya join di #whalepower?


Please I need clear explanation on this, how I my going to be bonafide member of whalepower

Hi @bullionstackers. I'd like to join the community. Is it updated?

Thank you in advance.

I plead with you help from you very bearti for me albeit small any kind.and i really hope for your help. I intimated to say to you

Masih bisa daftar

Pertanyaan ini mewakili saya
Tolong jawab @whalepower

I really like your post, your post is very perfect. Please vote me yes.

hello big boss your post is great. what is your secret of success like that can you please me. i also want like you are success. good night my boss

I am so glad I also want to register a whalepower