Whaleshares Fueled Cooking Challenge. Great Things Inside

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The Whaleshares chain is launching on September 1st and everyone in the community couldn't be happier about it. To celebrate we're launching several contests and challenges here on Steemit and rewarding the lucky winners with awesome prizes.

The original idea to run these contests belongs to @seveaux as far as I'm aware, he's a long term member of Steemit, Whaleshares Discord and one of the early testers of the new Whaleshares chain. I thought it was a great initiative on his part and volunteered to start this cooking challenge.


Now get in your kitchen and let the Whaleshares inspire you! You can either cook a dish or a drink, it can be absolutely anything at all. Extra points for those who actually fries up some whales, just kidding!

The point is to be creative and being able to describe how exactly Whaleshares encouraged you to make a certain meal or made you feel crave something in particular. I want it to be pretty versatile, without many restrictions, although there are some rules.

The rules of the cooking contest:

  • it is preferred that only Steemians without an account on Whaleshares take part in this challenge;
  • the food must be prepared by you;
  • you must use your own pictures;
  • you must upvote and share this post on your page;
  • you must have a BTS wallet to claim your prize;
  • you must post the link to your entry in the comment section of this post along with your BTS wallet name;
  • you must use a verification sign with your Steemit username written on it.

Now, as far as tags go, I am not going to limit your imagination haha, just use appropriate tags. It will be a one time contest.
If you violate any of these little rules, your entry will be disqualified, sorry!


The contest starts right now and ends on Tuesday, August 21st, 12 AM EST. No entries will be accepted after that time.


Get excited because we have some amazing prizes for you. There will be 2 winners and both of them will be awarded 250 whaleshare each which they can use to get an early access to the Whaleshares chain and put towards account creating fees, how awesome is that?!
These amazing prizes would not be possible without the core community member (and a Whaleshares witness) @krazykrista that kindly agreed to sponsor this cooking challenge. Thank you, Krista! 💖

The winners will be decided the day the contest ends which is sometime on August 21st and will be announced on my blog.
The challenge judges are @krazykrista, myself and @seveaux. Basically, what we're looking for in a great entry is creativity, fun and good food :).
Yes, the picks will be subjective.

Extra info about the Whaleshares chain:


Hello whaleshares team this is my entry to the contest, I did it with a lot of love and I hope you like it. @breili

BTS wallet: breili212

i will be frying a whales=I'm not kidding 😜

Hello friend oh if this is great news for me as you know I love cooking so I think I will go in and prepare something for this contest the good thing is that there is a little more time to make my entry

Yup! At least this time you have plenty of time to decide what you're going to make and actually do it. Good luck in the challenge!

What a great contest @kotturinn to help some noobies discover the amazing community that Whaleshares is and the chance to give them early access to the new platform. Upvoted and resteemed.

Thank you, Freedom! It was actually Seveaux's idea and I decided to volunteer because it's a great one! :)

Super Fun! Looking forward to what everyone comes up with!

Yes, yes, Powerpics! I am beyond excited! Hopefully we get a lot of entries! Fingers crossed!

What a great contest , it gonna be awesome seeing different dishes of food.kudos to the team behind this, whaleshare is best platform to be so free free to participate in this contest so u can be among ealry participant. Great whalesharian!!!!! Upvoted and resteem

Very true @deewon56! Hope to see you participate in the challenge! :)

Not sure what cooking is and what BTS wallet is but i still want to win some prize, look at me :D

It's never too late to learn!

That is really true :) your post helped a bit and further research would do the rest hopefully

It is wonderful this contest @kotturinn I know many people who would love to participate. Resstemed. 👍

Sounds awesome! Thank you :)

Amazing you are... @kotturinn great contest good luck and congratulations in advance to all the participants. And thanking all the sponsors as well...

Thank you @johnscotts! Hopefully, we have a lot of people join! :)

This is such a creative and cool contest! Can't wait to see the entries, I'm sure they will be awesome :D

You should take part @marugy99! I'm sure you can come up with something!

Thank you :)

Hello!!! Do you serve post in Spanish??? or only in English??

I don't speak Spanish, unfortunately.

What reputation is whale? Do I apply?

Whale status depends on the amount of vests, not reputation. Check out @arcange stats for more info.


The rules are in the post, please read them.

Awesome contest! Totally gonna enter.

It will be a pleasure to participate in this contest, I just hope to be at the level of the contestants, that you can smell that there will be many!

Please do participate! So far we have 0 entries haha

Sure, I will!

Good afternoon, my dearest greetings @kotturinn, here I bring you my participation for the contest, I hope you like it and enjoy it. A hug. https://steemit.com/spanish/@elemarg25/meat-loaf-with-zucchini-pastel-de-carne-con-calabacin

mi bts es elemarg25

Thanks and I left some feedback in the comments to your post.

I've already placed it and thank you very much for this opportunity you're giving us. Greetings.

Hi @kotturinn How many entry per Steemians are allowed?

Hello @kotturinn thanks for this contest. here is my entry:


I hope you like it

My BTS ID: marepino25

It will be a pleasure to participate, the kitchen fascinates me and I hope to be at the level of those who will participate here, greetings.

Hey! Sure thing! Hope you take a part too, I recommend reading the post to get an idea of what I am looking for in an entry, thanks!

Hello as I do to share the publication on my blog. I can't share , I already voted and I have my post ready to participate.

Hey, that's okay, I guess as long as you provide a link to this post in your entry it should do it :)

Thank you

Hello, good luck to the participants, I hope you enjoy my participation.
Rice pudding and English chocolate cream

BTS stop40

Hello team this is my entry to the contest: https://steemit.com/food/@madicakes/refreshing-drink-with-the-strand-or-vein-the-pumpkin

BTS wallet: madicakes45

hi @kotturinn thanks for this opportunity. This is my entry, enjoy it


Bitshares ID: ladyf0nt (number zero aflter f letter)

The contest is closed now? :(

As of today, yes. Correct.