3rd collections of my drinks photos...

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Few years ago at Krakow, first time I tried somersby watermelon and never forget of the taste. Finally this year 2021, somersby decided to carry the watermelon flavoured. I can accept the taste but @aaronleang cannot accept the taste due to the taste similar to a cough syrup to him.


Beside the glass, there is a small bottle which is a locally made rice wine from Sarawak. If I'm not mistaken, it is a Iban ethnic rice wine called "Tuak". I forget what the cocktail name already, was mix with Tuak.


A flight of whisky that the whisky barista help to curate based on what I like from light to strong. This is a perfect place for a night out to try on different whisky based on what you like. For whisky drinker in Klang Valley, this is a must go place. This is a whisky bar located in Uptown Damansara, the bar housed more than 300 different bottles of whisky.


Hey Corona... you can stay because you're an alcohol but the coranavirus please go far far away because you're not welcome.


Connor's anyone? A good drink for a good night sleep.


A glass of cold Heineken for happy hour, just nice. 2 glass of Heineken, okay. 3rd glass of Heineken, here we go the engine warming up. 4th glass of Heineken, vroom vroommm.. The rest is history.. LOL..


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I drink this Somersby before, but it is apple flavor. Next time I will try watermelon flavor, does the watermelon flavor sell it in Malaysia?

I did tried and put plum into the apple somersby. Yeah, it is available in Malaysia. I think can try 7/11. Let me know what you think after you try.

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