Wikileaks breeds and sells Cryptokitties, gifts them to Trump and Clinton

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Just when you thought we had hit peak CryptoKitty mania - this happens

Official WikiLeaks CryptoKitties

Today, 21 December 2017, WikiLeaks announces the arrival of its first purebred WikiLeaks CryptoKitties. Parents Mr. WikiLeaks and Mrs. WikiLeaks’ unique offspring have started to explore the blockchain. WikiLeaks CryptoKitties go on sale today.

These are the parents, two Generation 0 kitties called Mr and Mrs Wikileaks :



WikiLeaks is giving away two first gen kitties, Trump’s Tender Tabby and Clinton Console Kitty to President Trump and Secretary Clinton.



Wikileaks will be auctioning off their kitty offspring to help fund their operations .

With crypto-mania beginning to hit the mainstream hard, and some previous kitties selling for as much as 100k each - this could be a great moneymaker for Wikileaks going forwards.

See the Wikileaks Shop for more info

PS: I wish they would answer their messages and take the @julianassange account keys - it's worth over $800 already!

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Forget Crypto-kitties, I have a whole load of mangy barn cats I'll sell ya for 100K.

What a total waste of blockchain space these stupid kitties are.
You'd have thought they'd have at least given Trumps cat a 'kitty comb over'
As for Clinton's moggy, I'm sure all its former kitty friends are dying in suspicious circumstances! Choking on tins of tuna, falling and NOT landing on their feet. You need 9 lives if you're a friend of that psycho-witch!

No, CryptoKitties is first example to this, which every one want- digital asset trasfer without digital currency trading. We can use this technology in Financial Industry and other industry. And by the way CryptoKitties "own" 14% of smart contract in Ethereum Network.


I made a video about it and uploaded it to baby! I wonder if he got in because he was bored. It's a really amazing way to get something into the mainstream. If you got kitties the profits are coming.

This is awesome... gonna go tell @jimitations to do a Donfather episode about Trump's Tender Tabby. Oh the possibilities!!!

Haha, this is hilarious :)

Are these Christmas presents I wonder? I also like to extend my Christmas greetings and have a happy new year.

@ausbitbank - Wow - that is indeed a creative way of raising funds. Cryptokitties is a great way of leveraging the crypto world. I had not heard of this till I saw your post. Thanks for the update. Made my day!! LOL Upvoted.

I have a Tiger blog today - Wonder if I should send that photo I took for modelling the next cryptokittie? Hahaha. Can you please take a look and advise. :)



@ausbitbank Make America Catty Again-MACA !!!

Lol... they should be called "crypto-tribbles"

For 100K, you'd think they could make the artwork a bit better.

Yeah, but the artwork for cryptokitties is all pretty uniform. Just slight variances form from different genes (which is what people pay the 100k for LOL)

I do not know how to grow and grow. would you like to help me @ausbitbank

You rang?

Holy moly, I'm glad J Man got into the kitty business, he's got all that bitcoin he's sitting on and he needs some new friends to play with. this is pretty amazing news!

Cats always were the masters of the internet, but now they take over the economy too😁

Wow! I just joined steemit and the first thing I see are the Cryptokitties :D .. They are everywhere. Who would have thought that Wikileaks could one day potentially make thousands of dollars auctioning off virtual kittie offsprings :D So weird and yet so cool :P

They should have gifted Hillary a list of the body count that is closely tied to her over the years. Merry Christmas Hillary, you evil witch!


Hahahaha! That is truly hilarious

I swear the crypto-kitty is a fricking genius idea!

Everybody can find a reason to dislike and distrust cryptocurrencies! (No matter how wrong headed and shit-brained their arguments can be!)

But one thing is for sure: Everybody Loves Kitties

I expect that since somebody made KriptoKitties, the next logical step is "KriptoTitties"

Miniature customizable and fully 3d ethereum-blockchained porn vignettes

What a world we live in x)

Absolutly briliant This made my day

These guys a brilliant! I may need one of those offspring!

PS: I wish they would answer their messages and take the @julianassange account keys - it's worth over $800 already!

This was actually the most interesting part of this post... :P

Kudos for that one - though I don't know how he'll appreciate the minnowbooster voting after the fact

Btw I didn't actually vote with minnowbooster, I lent the SP to minnowbooster to raise funds for the account

oh I see! that's great... I was under the impression those were "sold" votes... much better to see it was just leased power!

It is also a good move for great the opportunities here.
In my latest post (pls see it) I indicated an abuse going on here (I mentioned you on the post) and I want you to see it and take action. I wish you more success.

Eikileaks must go on through their operations .....and should strip the trump naked....

Who would have thought this could happen?😂

These kitties are certainly going crazy! I can't believe people are paying that much. And good luck with the account, that's awesome your holding it!

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So you just collect them or something? 😒

I was finding the way you have creative way to me thanks

Omg i need to invest too cute not to!! Ive read that they are growing

This is fantastic! Too tired to look at them all tonight..... See them in the morning. Thanks for the tip!

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Send every prime minister a CryptoKitty and you'll have a world peace.

very odd events happening in the world.Thank you share.

What in gods green earth is going on in this world.

That is crazy

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OMG, this is rather funny :D

😂 that's just madness! I love it! 😍

@edolascrypto check these kitties 😁

Truth is purring...

Awesome way for wikileaks @ausbitbank to get some funding but I hope #cryptokitties would just make some better artwork for their cryptocats.

Wow just wow. Common wikileaks send me a gen 0 kittie! Trump wouldnt know what to do with it haha!

Great article and beautiful pictures.. Even when they feel sad, they look nice very cute.

This is too funny.

Even without question, u did you homework well. Nicz placing of words

I won't lie. I really don't get this...

I have to say. I'm a little bit disappointed by the cosmetics for the Trump crypto kitties. It could have been so much better.

Like this guy, made by someone who changed a pokemon sprite to make it look like trump.

DM on discord.

Apparently the most voted publications are those that talk about "steem" "steemit" "bitcoin" "cryptocurrency" and etc, we will have to publish only about that. This platform has become a source of publications about itself. so boring.

Funny and cute! Thanks

The world keeps getting wackier!! I can't imagine what's next.

wow nice post, they are very funny

I like cats so cryptokitties rocks! I will check that out.

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OMG! This is so hilarious one I've read. :v Your all posts are amazing and admirable that's why I followed you.

Please upvote my post and comment as well.

Best Wishes from the Coin Man...


i love it😄😄😄

This is so funny! :) I love it! Cryptokitties are a great addition to the cryptomania :) Fun times had by all!

I think that's so cool! Very different😜 happy new year!🎊🎊🎊

Hash Puppies is the new project coming on Neo Platform , just like Cryptokitties on Ethereum Platform.

Hash Puppies is the new project coming on Neo Platform , just like Cryptokitties on Ethereum Platform.

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Hello. This is off topic. You currently have my witness vote.

What is your stance on vote buying/selling?

Thanks for your support mate. I'm really not a fan of vote selling, but until incentives are realigned on the platform I don't see them going anywhere :(

Full disclosure , I do run @discordia which is a small bidbot but it's powering down it's funds into minnowsupport, teamaustralia, openmic and julianassange. It doesn't comment, or vote for comments and I police for abusers. Even with these changes to minimise annoyances, and the funds going to good causes I still don't promote or encourage people to use it.

True manual curation of quality content is desperately needed for the platform to thrive and have interesting trending content from a wide variety of authors each day. Until incentives change, or we move back to a nonlinear reward curve then unfortunately vote sellers are here to stay.

Thank you for taking the time to answer.

I'm firmly against vote buying/selling. I had a friendly debate with someone named alphacore under this post. Friendly heads-up: There's some strong language and the post is satire. I'm not looking for votes. I just don't want to rant here. If you have a moment, my words are there. Some food for thought from an artists perspective. Artists don't have a strong voice here. We just make the place look awesome I guess. We'd like to be taken seriously. Of course, that coming from me probably sounds ridiculous if you're familiar with my work. Our success here depends on good leadership.

All that being said. By the sounds of it, you'll be keeping my witness vote. I'm slowly trying to get all you folks figured out. Picking at random or going for popularity is a terrible idea.

Again, thank you for your time. I'll leave you to it.

I respect your opinion!
Happy New Year my friend!


I have to say your account is very impressive my friend. Following you now.

can i get support from you?

Going through your page, I sometimes seem to want to be discouraged because I keep wondering how you did it. But after that feeling, hope surfaces again. Thanks for being an inspiration. Bless you

This was hilarious! I hope Julian Assange gets on here too!