Fijnwyn: Wine tasting

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the Fijnwyn event takes place, about 4 times a year, This event is all about wine tasting. The way it works, is that you buy an entrance ticket and in turn receive a wine glass. You must keep this glass and use it to taste the various wines.

For the event a large number of wine farms are invited to show their wines, and also have them for sale directly to the public

The event takes place indoors and outdoors.


Above you can see cellar 2, and also some of the farms on the outside. The name boards, is the farm or wine's name.


On the inside it is the same with the farm names on name boards, the representatives from the farms will explain the characteristics of the wines, and pour some for you to taste.

They also have some food stalls available, with a variety of food available.


As you can see the event was attended quite well. This particular one took place over two days, and everybody seemed to have a great time, I suppose the more wine was tasted the better the mood became!!


My wife and I attended with some friends, and you can see our little group in the photo below.


We really enjoyed this event immensely, and are looking forward to the next event.

I hope you enjoyed the post and that you have a wonderful day.


Excellent idea of the posting

Wine tasting eh... Sounds excellent but easy to get well greased I imagine!

That is the problem, there are so many wines, one cannot test them all!!

I see you really get around!😉
Good for you! Looks like it was fun!

It was real fun and a great vibe, I suppose all the !WINE had something to do with it!!

Such moments are always special. So enjoy life and stay with us. ,