The VOTING-KEY-PROPOSAL for VOTING-KEYS to be implemented before voting-guilds are implemented.

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I want to propose a new child to the hierarchy of public/private keys.

At the moment the hierarchy look somewhat like this

  • Owner Key / Master Key
  • Active Key / Financial Key
  • Posting Key / Posting & Voting-Key
  • Memo Key / For creating Memos

To accomodate for voting-guilds, I propose we introduce "The Voting Key"

The Voting-Key should only be able to vote on posts and comments and should be easy to generate (as many as you need) and disable them (if a voting-guild corrupts) quick and easy from the UI.

Why I think this is important - Protection of Posting-Keys

People have been sending their POSTING-KEY to all kinds of auto-vote websites, and the chances for one of these databases to be hacked is a danger. Imagine if someone got a hold of 1000 posting-keys and started spamming with them. Look at the first posts on @mughat´s account to see an example.

MY STEEMIT-WITNESS is: @fyrst-witness and this is HOW TO VOTE FOR IT

copy this text: fyrst-witness and paste it at this page and click vote


Good Idea...I also suggest that for the key to work the post must be viewed first.

Very much agree with this idea. Never understood posting and voting functions are linked by the same key which limits so many possibilities as well as potential trust and control issues that would vanish if keys separated these two functions.
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Steem_Land tweeted @ 10 Nov 2016 - 01:47 UTC

VOTING-KEY-PROPOSAL for VOTING-KEYS implemented before voting-guilds.
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Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

I'm opposed to voting guilds OR voting bots.
I think CAPTCHA should be required to vote...every time.

Ok, duly noted ... removed you from my bot vote list.

Thank you.
I'd rather someone know...READ what I write.
or not...
I don't like to be 'processed.'

Fair enough.... for the record I do read, and enjoy your stuff. That is why I added you to my list. I felt your work was deserving of reward.

You're welcome.
And of course you should to do what ever you want to do.
I, naturally, appreciate the votes.
But I'm writing for people,
not "i'll have my machine get with your machine"
mining would seem to be easier.
(which I might actually try one day...I haz a laptop I'm not using for anything else)

I think that is a really good proposal, I would like to add I signed up for @better voting, and I like it, but there could or should be a way to pause the voting or limit the voting so we do not need to delete the keys. Maybe it could be done with the voting key that you are proposing.

i like the idea!

That is a great idea!

This sounds like a very good idea to me too and I agree with @virtualgrowth: posting and voting should be split as these are different functions.

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