Witness update: Running Hived v1.24.0

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It's been a while since I've updated my witness node(s). HF24 is around the corner, it's currently scheduled to go live on 22th September.

After doing some code-review and testing, I've decided to run v1.24.0, currently signing blocks with it.

There is a possibility that Hivemind won't be ready for the 22nd. In that case, there will be another update just for the HF24 switch time, so I'll update to that version if that happens.

$ hived --version
"version": {
    "hive_blockchain_hard_fork" : "1.24.0",
    "hive_git_revision": "a0655d85727d44f974c2d9e3d9ac365bdff30f08"

My current hived --version

Notes & Changes for witnesses

  • It's possible to resume the replays now. That's something very useful. Great addition.
  • If you compile manually, be aware that STEEM_STATIC_BUILD is HIVE_STATIC_BUILD now. There is a complete rebranding in the source code. Similarly, blockchain data and config is located at ~/.hived instead of ~/steemd.
  • Check @gtg's cheat sheet for a more detailed post.

Vote for my witness

I'm currently sitting at spot #21 at the witness list. If you like what I do, consider casting a vote on Hivesigner or on PeakD.


I've been wondering if it's time to signal the hardfork, though I keep wondering whether if hivemind would cause any delays, therefore, me having to re-build the whole docker image for hived, test it, update that again.

I am assuming since you signalled it, hivemind is going to be ready for the 22nd of Sept. Hardfork @emrebeyler?

If hivemind not ready on 22nd, there will be an update to the current hived just for the HF24 time. This doesn't require a replay, so it can be updated in 5 mins. (I compile my own hived instead of using third party docker images/tools)

Yeah... I basically run an HF24 node myself at the moment, though it's still a hassle to constantly recompile and turn that into a docker image. I'll check it today, see if I should start signalling the HF.

Raspberry Pi nodes when?

if you don't have a practical setup, I'd recommend keeping the current version. :)

Yes, my nodes were already updated to 1.24.1 which votes for the HF to 29th, yesterday. Now, it's 1.24.2.