Yep. The latest price trend doesn't look great for Hive.

It will never look great, this network is doomed to failure the moment it started, since it has a massive abusive history

Quit sugar coating DPoS. Or KYC.

We're only doomed if we succumb.

Eh don’t pay much attention to the price action of hive. There’s still a lot of power down to happen for accounts. We won’t see normalized prices until most likely August or September. At that point, I think we will find out the price point the market will tolerate for hive.

Hive is going to $0.001, you know abusers are whales in this network? It's the same abusers we had on Steem for 4 years, it's not something you want to invest in. If your smart. Spend $1,000 on and stake it for 5555 days. Get rich

How dare you criticize our benevolent overlords?

Who died and left you free?

Also, WTF is 'hexdex'. Sounds like some Wiccan shit. You should listen to Pinetop Perkins and not mumble rap, IMHO. He would set you up with an ez plan.

Also, WTF is 'hexdex'.

It’s a Ponzi scheme with a twist – it is labeled “blockchain!” :)))

Better invest in a PonziCoin directly It has so much potential…