How to make a hole in your roof, the fast way

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I'm sure that you've been there too. You are looking at your roof and wondering if there is a way to open up the room, expose you to nature and embrace the sweet sensations of mosquitoes attempting to kill you.

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The touch of big leafs on the bed was exactly what I needed to truly embrace nature.


How did this happen? I sense you asking?

I Actually have video evidence!

You see... this video shows chaos... poor planning and chaos. In that sense it's perfect.

As if it was an Omen, our dogs began to fight right before the tree fell on our Cabin's roof. But, as if that's not enough, not enough meat on the bone of chaos, my little niece beings to laugh at the whole situation.


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The good news!

Is that remodeling aside, I just got a good supply of teak for my shop. It won't be ready for a while, since I'm air drying, but... it's worth monies, that's for sure.

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Yup, things are fairly effed up here in Ft Myers - glad you made it

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Poor planning is definitely the primary effector of the damage to the envelope of the cabin, through allowing teak to grow to harvestable size within reach of the roof. OTOH, it seems like an extremely profitable plan, since losing ~3 sheets of tin while gaining a half dozen logs of teak is a deal I would make every hour of every day it was offered to me.

I see no structural damage, or at least nothing consequential, so the repairs are barely inconvenient, while that teak air dried will be very rewarding financially.

Bad felling of trees is really the culprit, as best practices would have prevented the falling trees from impacting the structure. Chaos was certainly in evidence, however, and the three way dogfight seems a paean to some elder jungle spirit that jubilantly spiked your roof as it's malicious nature found a way to do you harm in the gaps in your institutional controls defending your community from chaos.

All in all, I reckon you pay very little to live in such egregious natural splendor. Enjoy it to the fullest.


i was upset for about an hour until i realized how much teak im going to get out of it... lol

I lol'ed. I have such episodes myself.

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