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- This article was originally written for Medium, where this "problem" seems to be more present than here. Since I think that the topic of the article can apply to a lot of other websites (especially Social Media), I decided to post it here as well -

I've been trying to think of a topic to write about today, which proved to be a task more difficult than I expected. For the past few days I've been doing nothing but to read. I don't know what else is happening in the world, I don't know what's offensive any more nowadays, I don't know what's popular. And to my surprise, I can't make myself care at all.

I've been stuck today because I kept trying to think of something important to write about, and nothing came to mind. I am slowly starting to not care about anything at all. Truth seems to be unimportant, and the only thing that matters is for one side or the other to be right, an objective for which people vehemently fight, trying to use all kind of tactics and to come up with all kind of proofs.

It's just overwhelming. No more stories, no more interesting topics. It's all about how to be successful, how to believe in this or that, how to get more followers, how to pick the right God to believe in. Everyone has something to say, but no one wants to stay silent for a bit and consider, for just a moment, that they might know nothing about the topic they want to write about.

This is one of the reasons why I find it harder and harder to write anything lately. The more I learn, the more incompetent I feel. I slowly get a sense of just how small I am and how insignificant my knowledge is, assuming that it's correct even half the time. I constantly get corrected on things by books that are written by people who are way smarter than me. And the more questions I manage to answer, the more questions I get.

It's a never ending cycle. And the general confidence that people have when it comes to what's right, or wrong, and their opinions about what you should do, or not, is just bothersome to me, for some reason. I'm starting to feel more attracted to random little stories featuring a person's routine and general life, rather than the constant "how you should..." or "why you should..." or "what's the correct way to..." articles.

This might be a 'me' problem, resulting from information overload. There's just too much out there and not enough ways to make sure that those who write about a topic understand even a fraction of it. Hell, even I can't be sure anymore whether I should muster the courage to write about anything at all.

All in all, another wave of paralyzing fear seems to be coming my way, alongside one of disappointment in regards to online content, at least written. There is, of course, a lot of it that is good - it just seems to be hard to find compared to the type of articles that I mentioned above which are everywhere.

Perhaps I'll have one of those periods again, in which I'll just burry myself in books and I won't do much except reading for a few weeks, or even months. Perhaps this is just a temporary thing that will go away sooner than I think. Regardless, this constant desire to write about "serious topics" that include opinions and "facts", and what's right and what's wrong, and what's the best way to do this or that, is just too tiring for me. Sadly, this is what attracts the more attention so I guess that this trend will be here for quite some time.


This topic is very close to me. And I've been pondering this strange condition for a long time now... I think there are several facets, several reasons... And maybe someday I can formulate it and write it least for myself.

Thank you for reminding me)

Thank you for reading! :)