Give up on something to go higher!

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I recently read a book written by John Maxwell about personal growth. It was quite interesting, and I read a chapter in which he said that you need to give up things to get further. It was so strange, and I didn't feel as if it spoke to me at all. He told about people giving up positions as managers and leaders, only to take on normal jobs as employees in other industries and businesses. It might have felt like a drawback for them, but in reality, it was a way to progress and to grow!

Once again, I didn't really like the chapter, and I didn't feel as if it spoke to me at all.

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Then I suddenly realized something...

That is when I suddenly realized something. It was strange. Recently, I have been working hard to develop my skills in graphics, animations, and video editing. I haven't had much time, and in fact, it has made me have less time for writing articles here on the platform, and also on other blogs and websites that I work with. I was thinking about this, when I suddenly understood that I am currently in the business of doing exactly what John Maxwell was writing about.

I have to cut down on something in order to grow into something new!

I don't like the fact that I don't have as much time to work with blogging as I normally had, but I have understood that it is a sacrifice that I need to make in order to grow, and maybe do my work even more efficiently.

Maybe I will loose out on income for a couple of months or years by making changes, but in the end, I will be more happy as I grow, and hopefully, it will also generate a higher income and more blessings in the future.

Once again,
it was such a strange thing to suddenly discover that the chapter I didn't relate to and didn't like, actually described a process that I was in the middle of. Cool!

You do not make such changes every day, nor do you do them every month. But, there are times in which you need to make bigger changes and maybe stop doing something you have done for a long time (and that feels safe) in order to do something new that will make you grow. It will for sure feel like a risk, but it is a way to grow and progress!

Thank you for reading everyone. If you have thoughts or comments, please let me know!

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Hello @unbiasedwriter
It is interesting to realize that something you don't like in the first place is a reflection of what you might be experiencing.
This usually happens.
It's an important point that you highlight from that book you read. Many times we want to cover so much that we forget to enjoy it on the way.

You have made me think of a theme for a publication. Thank you for this good, thoughtful post.

I am curious about your future publication, please mention me in the article if you got inspiration from this article! :)