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Steve Falconer wrote on the last day of 2020:


They forgot motor oil and Spanish river water also tested positive!

But how is this possible?

This year I've made 8 films reaching so far over 2 million people, working with world famous doctors, virologists and citing the work of other virologists and molecular biologists on both sides of germ "theory" and terrain theory, so I can pass on to you what I've learned from them.

For those who know me and troll me from my current chosen profession over the one I gave up for life satisfaction, what you don't know about me is that I've written esoteric biochemistry blogs for a decade and used to professionally liaise with medical underwriters and doctors back in my days at United HealthCare and large group medical insurance agencies, my job then was to convince them they might be wrong and overcautious based on real facts, not superstition.
So no, I'm not a doctor or virologist.

This information is what the world renowned doctors and virologists I worked on these films with have showed me and what I researched painstakingly myself to check if there is any validity to this and there is. If you’ve seen our films, they speak for themselves. If you haven’t, I’m speaking for them now.

I will give screen shots from the CDC, WHO and Pub Med (the number one peer reviewed medical scientific publishing platform) below, so you can see for yourself what I am about to reveal to you and not take my word for anything, as I'd never ask you to.

This doesn't come from me, it comes from what you and I are not privy to unless we are in the scientific medical circles that know this.

A so called PCR "test" is NOT a test.

It's Nobel Prize winning inventor, Kary Mullis, himself was furious that it was being used for any such nonsense as it can neither “test” for anything nor prove how much of any detected genetic material is inside anybody, let alone tell anyone if whatever it does detect is the cause of any illness or disease or not.

Firemen are always at the scene of fires, therefore they are the cause of those fires. Windows are always in airplanes and helicopters, therefore windows are how they can fly.
This is the logical fallacy of virology in a nutshell.

A PCR test is just a chemical and mechanical process that doubles exponentially any given genetic material in a swab sample of body fluids that is normally too small to be seen or even possibly detectable, until everything in that swab sample is exponentially amplified so large it can be a cold penis under a huge magnifying glass.

Put one grain of sand on a chess board square and double that on the next square, and double that on the next and by the 40th square you'll have 68.8 trillion grains of sand on that square, double that on the next and so on and you'll have the Sahara desert by the time you fill the entire 64 squares on the chess board.

This is what PCR does, it keeps doubling the genetic material in your saliva or mucous sample until everything they are purposely looking for in that sample is large enough to actually detect.

If you “spin” or double those sand grains or genetic material less than 25 times, the machine can detect nothing, or in other words, gets a negative "test"or genetic material detection result.

If you spin or double it 40 times, you get a close to 100% "positive" result for whatever you are testing for or in other words, even the invisible contamination rates of the entire procedure show up...

But why?

And what are you testing for exactly, and why are so many labs admitting they are spinning or doubling at 40 times, despite being told this is guaranteed to bring a false “positive” result?

First of all, you are trying to detect what they call a "primer"which is a small expected genetic sequence of nucleotides from an already made computer database of assumed, but not proven, sequence of nucleotides from an alleged "virus" that has never had it’s full nucleotide sequence isolated or proven to exist.

We're looking for corn in your puke because that's what we think made you puke, not the two quarts of Vodka you drank right after dinner. We only patented corn, not Vodka.

A cat and human share an 85% genetic match..we sequenced 0.5% nucleotides from a cat and found that same 0.5% sequence in a human, therefore that human is obviously a cat, not a human.

It was just plugged into the database ahead of time based on a nucleotide pattern sequence that was already patented years before, 2004 and 2015 in the case of Sars Covaids 2.

Really “PCR primers are short single-stranded DNA sequences which help in the amplification of DNA during PCR reaction.”

So they say, “we’re purposely looking for this short sequence that we’ve already patented and put into the data base years and years ago, so we only chemically amplify those nucleotide sequences that we have patented out of the millions of possible sequences that we could look for in the sample. “

“We’re not interested in detecting the millions of nucleotide sequences we haven’t patented, as we make zero money off of those.”

NucleoSides are just 5 carbon sugar molecules and when they attach to various organic or inorganic phosphates, you get a nucleoTide…
So they are testing for a small sequence of 5 carbon sugar molecules attached to phosphates in a row.
Not a virus, just a small genetic sequence of different sugars and phosphates.
But how then can river water, motor oil, fruits, goats, birds, Coca Cola or even test kits that haven't swabbed any genetic material at all still test positive for these nucleotide sequences?

How can they test for a hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions of nucleotide sequence long viruses if they can’t isolate or detect such a long complex sequence?

The CDC is using 12 different computer data base "primer" sequences, varying from 17 to 21 nucleotide sequences in a row to look for Covaids, the same sequence found in goats, papayas, river water, motor oil, etc.

The WHO was using human Chromosome 8 as their test database “primer” sequence to detect Covaids, which was looking for the 18 in a row nucleotide sequence ctccctttgt tgtgttgt, which is found on the 8th out of the 23 pairs of chromosomal trees on all humans.

The same small sequence found in goats, papayas, your pyjamas and the wank sock you keep under your bed, etc etc!

But keep in mind that chromosome 8 is a chain of 145 million base pairs, so nobody knows how many times this little 18 sequence ctccctttgt tgtgttgt shows up in a sequence of 145 million chained molecule.

Keep in mind we are 85-95 genetically related to cats, pigs, monkeys, earth worms, etc so how many of those things also have this same nucleotide sugar phosphate sequence ctccctttgt tgtgttgt showing up in their own genetic material hundreds of thousands of times in any given nucleotide chain in their own genetic material?

You’re 90% genetically related to an earthworm, therefore, you are an earthworm? Okey dokey!

Take a random large number 145 million numbers long and how many times do the same sequence of 18 numbers in a row turn up within that large number sequence?

Now take millions of other different large numbers that are also each 145 million numbers long and how many times does that same sequence of 18 numbers in a row turn up in THOSE millions of other large numbers?

Does that mean those other millions of insanely large numbers are the exact same number as or related to the first insanely large number because they all share that same 18 number sequence in a row at some point within them?

Do you see how this works?

These same 18 in a row molecule nucleotide sequences are everywhere and in everything, and if you amplify any sample enough times and are looking for a minuscule nucleotide sequence, there's a damn good chance it will turn up, even in Coca Cola, fruits and motor oil.

You don’t have Covaids, you have been TOLD you have Covaids!

Yep, if you have the flu any year or time you are actually dying and rightly feel like you are dying while you detox those foreign poisons from your body, otherwise sweating, urination, kidney, liver and diarrhea would have eliminated your body toxins without severely extreme measures, like the worst man flu you’ve ever had in your life.

You just forgot how bad your last flu detox was and love the attention of telling people you survived the Covaids, because you are an attention seeking wanker!

And that’s fine...aren’t we all?

Now this PCR procedure only tells you if it’s detected your pre-determined, patented, computer nucleotide “primer” sequence, it doesn't tell you how much of that genetic material is actually in your body outside of that saliva or mucous swab sample, or if that material is even the cause of any sickness or disease!

it can only say, “Yep, after amplifying it 68 trillion times we can see it, there it is, exactly what we were looking for, firemen at the scene of a fire, windows in an airplane.”

“We have no clue how much of this genetic material is there or if it even does anything to actually cause illness, we just know it's in your sample. That's it."

So now doctors and scientists have been writing to the health authorities of the world and their own countries, saying ok, show me the documentation for this alleged isolated nucleotide sequence of what you are calling the Covaids 19 virus, and claiming is contagious and causing illness.

As you'll see below, you get a letter back saying “we don't have such a thing, it doesn't exist, it's never been isolated. We have no proof.”

All attempts so far to isolate Covaids have failed all 4 of Koch's postulates and 5 out of 6 of River's postulates.

Which means that:

  1. the alleged virus must be found in abundance (which PCR can’t detect) in ALL organisms suffering from the disease, which means you can’t be asymptomatic.

  2. the alleged virus organism must cause disease, you can’t have it and not have the disease. Meaning you can't test positive and not be sick in bed and dying from a disease that allegedly makes you sick and dying.

  3. The virus must be completely isolated from all other genetic material in the sample and grown in a pure culture with no other added poisons or genetic material. You should be able to inject that genetic material into other healthy organisms and make every single one of them sick, which has never been done even once in even one subject, let alone all of them.

  4. and then you must be able to re-isolate that same material from someone who has been injected with it and made sick.
    There are 7.2 million dollars in rewards out there for any Virologist, molecular biologist or janitor who can prove this! So far in 230 years of germ “theory” not one has been able to do so!

If YOU can with your bartender training, PM me and I’ll send you links, I just want a 5% finders fee, if you know something the world’s top Virologists don’t even know. If not, quit trolling me and learn something.

What virologists actually do is put a sample of that tiny partial genetic mucous or saliva material, PLUS the rest of the material in the saliva, mucous or whatever sample they swab, ALL of it, into a petri dish full of the living cells of monkey or cow cells that are already acidic, diseased and sick with self-made CANCER, the final stages of cellular bacterial and fungal pleomorphism detoxification defence.

Then they pump other poisonous chemicals into that same petri dish, and those already sick and self-healing monkey and cow cancer cells create exosomes to handle the extra poisons these virologists just pumped into their petri dish and they say: "See! That genetic material we just put into that cell culture started killing or making those cells sick!”

No, those cells were already sick, acidic and cancerous and you just pumped a shitload of poisonous chemicals in them to make them even more sick and now dying, not self healing, plus the extra human genetic material in the mucous and saliva sample that does not come from monkeys or cows, which all bodies reject any non-self material.

Then they claim it was the non-isolated genetic human nucleotide partial material they just put in the petri dish, more specifically the tiny part they already patented!

Never-mind that they just put a shitload of other human genetic material in there along with it, never bothering to isolate the exact nucleotide sequencing they put in there from the God knows how many other human genetic materials were in that saliva or mucous sample, to make sure they ONLY put that into their animal tissue culture petri dish and no other poisons or human genetic material,
and then they make the “assumption” that it must be the "virus" partial sequence material they put in and not the other poisons, chemicals and genetic material they also had to put in there to make those cells sick and produce an exosome cellular defence response to those poisons and other non-self animal genetic material in the sample.

It’s like you kissing your girlfriend, then eating 15 candy bars, drinking two bottles of vodka, snorting two grams of cocaine, eating a loaf of mouldy bread topped with poisoned raw shellfish, chugging down a glass of bacteria ridden milk that’s been sitting on your counter for two months, having an anxiety attack releasing stress hormones that shut down your body’s toxin removal abilities and then claiming your girlfriend’s kiss must be the reason you are sick now!

That’s “virology” in a nutshell.

“We can’t make cancerous monkey or cow cells even more sick with a kiss or candy bar, so we add all of the others poisonous things and foreign genetic material into the petri dish until it starts an exosome cellular defensive response and then we can blame the kiss...and then claim we can vaccinate you against kisses, even though that’s not why you’re really sick.”

But what are Exosomes?

As Dr. James Hildreth, professor at Johns Hopkins and CEO of Meharry Medical College said “the virus is fully an exosome in every sense of the word.”
You do NOT catch them.
Your cells create them to remove all foreign poisons, toxins and any genetic material inside your body that was not made by your body for your body to use. All NON-SELF.

12 people go to a dinner party, eat the same thing and only 8 get food poisoning. You send your kids to a chicken pox party but they don't all get chicken pox. Some kids are tissue damaged at the same age from growth and it's time to detox and remove dead tissue, some adults have diets abundant in potassium chloride and ferrum phosphate and can't be poisoned that easily.
There is nothing contagious going on there.

I’ll give you one guess as to what are exactly the same shape and size as what we are told are contagious viruses?

That’s right, pat yourself on the back.

Self-made, inter-cellular created, non-contagious exosomes for removing non-self toxins detected in the body.

Please watch Dr Tim O'Shea explain the difference between Germ Theory & Terrain Theory here:

Germ theory is still a “theory” after 230 years for a reason.
It has never been proven for good reason.
It has been only disproven time and time again.

As Dr. Rosenau showed you in the 1918 Spanish Flu experiments, and many others after him.
Why haven’t you been told? We’ll get to that.

Big Pharma makes tens of billions a year selling you vaccines, antibiotics to kill your own body's bacteria from trying to heal the tissue YOU damaged by poisoning yourself and cold and flu medication, so they will stop at nothing to keep you in the dark about exosomes and bacterial somatid cleaning cycles going on in your own body.

They also think you’re too stupid, distracted and too brainwashed into trusting white lab coated doctors trained by their big Pharma reps, working on huge commissions to pay off their med school and clinic equipment bills to research this yourself.

Are they right?

It seems to me if you really had proof of a non-fictional virus that was making people ill, you'd be genetically testing for that virus and not a tiny sand grain of patented generic genetic material found in nearly anything and everything, but that's none of my business.

Now the next logical question is:

Hang on, if you've never isolated a full multi thousands or millions nucleotide sequence of what you claim is a disease causing Covaids 19 virus & have never proven it either exists, causes illness or even is transmittable, and your test primer is looking for tiny sequences that are found in almost anything, including fruits, motor oil, river water and goats and your tests are being over-amplified to the point that almost anything will show up in any sample.......

How on earth can you manufacture a Vaccine to protect people against something you don't even know, nor can even prove in 230 years is real or exists, that cannot make other humans in close contact or even by injection from sick people's fluids sick, as Dr Rosenau and others tried and failed to do?
Something that cannot make animal cellular tissues in a petri dish sick unless they are already sick cancer cells and you have to add a shitload of other chemical poisons and non-animal genetic material to that petri dish to make it sick?

If you’re really smart you might even ask yourself how there can possibly be a new “mutated strand” of pink flying unicorns if pink flying unicorns don’t even exist in the first place?

If you can't possibly make such a vaccine against pink flying unicorns that don't exist, the next logical question is:

Then what the hell is really going on here and what is the real purpose for this mandatory RNA/DNA modification injection to genetically modify you to protect you from something that doesn’t actually exist?

Could there be some other nefarious reason you aren’t being told?

If you are still so thick that you cannot figure out the answer to that last question yourself by now, I’m sorry, there is nothing more I haven’t already showed you this last decade that can help you at this point.

Some people are just destined to become nothing more than statistics in future history books.
You can’t say people didn’t put their necks out on the line to warn you. It is what it is.
But hey, you’ll be able to get on an airplane with the last two airlines who haven’t gone out of business and be able to drink or eat in one of the last two pub or restaurant chains that aren’t out of business when the dust settles.

If you’re still alive.

So aren’t YOU the lucky one?








Plague of Fear 2020 has taken all year to complete.
Here are the previous 6 parts:

In Part I of this series of articles, I described the shocking effects we all experienced during the first half of 2020. The surprises, lockdowns & fearmongering in the media over the so-called Coronavirus outbreak.

In Part 2 I diarised the events & clues we were amassing during July 2020. The pandemic we now call #COVID19 began to be better understood & I was able to introduce the accumulation of EMFs as a potential cause.

In Part 3 I built on all that we know with daily updates & news items as they arose.

Part 4 discussed the psychological tools that have been used to terrorise the world & their impact.

In Part 5 I lifted the lid on the players behind the scene & their entire GLOBAL RESET PLAN.

Disturbing Addendum (part 6) introduced a secret plan shared by those in the know.

As I write on this the last day of 2020 I sincerely wish us all a better year ahead, one in which the truth batters seven barrels of shit out of the mountain of lies we have been fed by the international criminal mafia known as the Black Nobility.
A year in which we see those criminals reduced to inmates in Guantanamo Bay, because they truly are TERRORISTS & we deserve some real justice at last.

Let's make it so.

Much love as ever


Keep spreading the real info, not many people seem to grasp this yet even on Hive!

Even if they do not understand genetics they must be aware that genes are the building blocks of life itself.
The beauty, synchronicity & sheer wonder of what they create ought to fill us with joy.
Instead we have a group of eugenicists unashamedly tearing genes apart one needle at a time.
Yep. That is the crux of the challenge of 2021 & I am so up for it. xx

I think there are going to be a lot of challenges this year, they are already being piled up fast and it's only the 2nd (In NZ)!

But we can win this.

Drosten's PCR paper has been torn to shreds here (this is the PCR "test" that finds COVID19 in all sorts of living things & even fossil fuels!)

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