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RE: Why Feminism Still Doesn't Make Sense To Others

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Fantastic post! And it's especially encouraging to see it given the utter lack of good, though-provoking feminist articles here on Steemit.

I feel the feminist movement suffers as it's more like a subjective ideology than a philosophy with written rules. And this means that lyrics like Trainor's can be an example of feminism, just because someone says they are, even though in reality they just encourage us to be victims of patriarch-induced insecurities.

Pitting women against other women (as you nicely showed "All About That Bass" does) seems to have the intention to zag when everyones else zigs, but of course women are still the casualties as they're zagging in the wrong playing field. Rather than zagging at the root of the problem- attitudes on a woman's value- they attack the women that, perhaps unintentionally, embody this value by being slim, having blue eyes or being quiet and submissive.

And then of course "Dear Future Husband" seems to cheer the "spoilt brat" mentality- because we're told we're victims, we feel like we deserve compensation at the cost of another human being. Arguably it's slightly better than "All About That Base" as at least it's not dividing women, but of course this comes at the expense of "equal rights for everyone", which is ultimately what we want to reach.

And of course, by considering this "feminism", it's no surprise why so many see feminists as "bitchy women who hate man". After all, this representation completely misses the point.


Thanks for the dig on this past article! Appreciate you comments and insights! Followed you!