Unedited Tripping Post for Real

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I just ate four grams of mushrooms and I am going to write as long as I can until the trip overwhelms me then I'll hit send. This wont be edited so forgive the many mistakes that it will be filled with and it will contain no pictures except the one I preselected. That is just the nature of this kind of experimental writing.

I am about ten minutes since I ate the four grams and a weed cookie and the weed cookie. My stomach feels a little un easy but I feel good otherwise. The GI discomfort may be the Taco Bell I had for dinner.

I am tripping alone again today. I feel strong enough to handle it and I have friends I can call in an "emergency".

I worked a short but busy today. I had sushi for lunch and came home and had a generally relaxing and unproductive day. I am off tomorrow and I can take care of my business then.

I am feeling the leading edge of the trip. The song on YouTube seems way too long and the light in this room seems more golden than before. There is a slight echo too. I am still typing though but I'm not sure how long that will last. The change is upon me and I can already feel reality melt around me.

The sushi was good. The offer a an item called the Mexican orgasm roll . I like it because the name is dirty as fuck. I live in the south west U.S. so the name is apt for the region. This city lies very close to the border in the blazing deserts of this part of the country. Many people that come from from elsewhere say they think the brown landscape is ugly but there is a deep and harsh beauty to it.

They are coming on more and more now. I can feel the trip in my limbs now. They are floaty. Soon that will move to my head and it will be upon me. I am very up. It feels bright. The music is playing. I may go deep tonight. That cookie was strong and the mushrooms looked healthy.

I can feel it in my eyes too they are wide but heavy. I am up but sedated too. focusing on this task of continuous writing is becoming more difficult but I feel like I'm doing okay but this sentence is harder to write than the last few. It's been about forty minutes but I had a full belly so this come up may be slowed by that. It doesn't seemed to have weakened the experience. This feels like it might be a big one.

I am smoking my hash oil now too. I figured I might as well throw some gas on the fire right . We only live once might as well face that life without fear of mostly harmless drugs.

The trip is arriving more and more. I feel like I've crossed the boundary. I am in a psychedelic place now, for sure. I am still typing though. This has lasted longer than I expected. Maybe I should walk away for a minute and let things progress before I come back if I can come back. If I can't I'll report back when I can tomorrow.

Its been about another fifteen minutes and I am definitely tripping more now. It is extremely clear though. I almost feel sober but I know that I am extremely altered right now. I can't continuously write anymore but I might pop in a few more times before I give up and hit the post button. Maybe not. Writing is hard. Ill be back to tell the tale coherently tomorrow or the day after.

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Underwater hamsters, tripping and blogging...hive is much more interesting today!


I miss magic mushrooms. And weed too. Sigh.