Now you put it like this I can really see how we can expand a basic few words into a big meaningful story - and it really is so easy to accidentally waste hours on Discord writing posts and posts worth of chat - that could have made some incredible posts.

#thealliance #witness

And 200WPD isn't really that much to sacrifice from Discord. It's scary how it adds up when you work it out.

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Good advice, especially when writing first drafts. Your writing is not going to be perfect the first time, so don't slow yourself down trying to find a better way of saying "that thing that happened was, like, really cool and stuff". Specific word choices can and will get fixed in editing.

Yes, good point. Slam those words down hard – fix them later.

You're a wonderful human. Just thought I should mention that. tip!

blushes You're just too lovely.

Honestly, I don't want to know how many "words" I waste discording. ;-)

ikr! I worked mine out a while back. :o

Give us a numba!

I was pretty much only active on a single server for about three months. I estimated that over that time I'd written about 125k words.

It is truly amazing when one puts writing into a perspective such as this! Little steps make the journey seem much more achievable!

And did you notice that the "Z" and "Y" keys are swapped on this image? Very curious!

It is, that's the motivation part of the post. So little, consistently over time, nets you quite a bit.

Yes, I'm not really sure about that keyboard. An older design for sure. I wonder if it was ever the main design.

Now that I'm at the editing stage, progress has been a lot slower. But this is sound advice. With more free time now, I can start getting more words down.

Good luck! I hope you manage it.

Wow! The power of minimums with discipline! This is motivating.

Glad you're finding it to be so!

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