How to fly

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How to Fly

I have released some of this but never the whole thing. It's probably all bullshit and I don't know why anybody would listen to me. But here it is anyway, I would be surprised if even one of you made it to the end.

Part one: Do not allow others to pluck your feathers.
Should you allow another to pluck your feathers you will never achieve flight. Every time somebody demoralizes you and you do nothing about it a feather is plucked. We can grow new feathers, but we can never get the feathers back from who took them unless they are willingly returned. What I mean by this is that it is fruitless to take revenge once a feather has been plucked. We must keep our feathers from being plucked in the first place. In order to do this we must meet our challenges with resolve, in both our working and social lives. We must face our insecurities head on and when somebody demoralizes us we must not react with violent vigor, but with contemplative knowledge on the situation in toe. We must not resort to acts of violence unless violence is imminent to be inflicted unto us by another, the threat must be real. To establish dominance we can do what animals do and puff out our chests, lift our heads, and stand straight. Only then can you defend yourself from being plucked with non verbal and non physical threats of violence. You must be alert, or at least appear alert.
Defending yourself with true intent is the path you must travel if you want to fly. You cannot simply hunch over with your head down and take all the garbage thrown at you by others. Before you know it you will have no feathers left and you will be weighed down with plastic rings. Sometimes we must pluck a feather or two to save our own. This is essential; for those who attempt to pluck your feathers frequently must have consequence in turn. Consequence at that moment in accordance with the guidelines of your society. Premeditated revenge through humiliation or worse will see you targeted by others even more and you will see more feathers plucked.
Never seek to pluck feathers, only to defend your own. But make sure others know that you can pluck feathers. Defending Feathers and remaining clean is essential for flight. Do not allow others to pluck your feathers. Help both parties to understand that bickering is the aspect of decline, stagnation and non-flight

Part Two: Clear your mind, keep your intentions focused on good.
A negative mind cannot achieve flight.
We must think right thoughts to enact right actions.
We must be clean of our remorse and regret, we achieve this through meditation, self service, service to our communities and by righting the wrongs we have done to others in the past.
Over time, as we continue to wash clean our self and external hatred we can begin to see the underlying motivations of those who attempt to pluck our feathers.
We begin to understand why they are attempting to keep us from achieving flight.
Sometimes it is fear of loss, sometimes it is because the person fears that they themselves will never achieve flight.
No matter, once we clean our minds we can defend our feathers by realizing the underlying issues for negative situations that arise.
When we achieve this awareness we can better defend ourselves in the moment by redirecting negativity with pre-emptive action and positive reinforcement.
If we thwart a feather pluck early we can heighten our groups level of happiness and consequently, our own.
Control your mind and control the situation, control the situation and avoid getting a feather plucked, learn the first two parts and you can create or assimilate into a flock.
However, a flock of your own volition, born of mutual love and trust is the only way to truly fly in the direction you want to soar.

Part Three: Build or find your Flock. A Good Flock has a Clear Direction
It is not necessary for members of a flock to all have the same thoughts and beliefs.
In fact, for the health of the flock it is best for members to have a wide range of thoughts and beliefs with clear and swift penalities for breaches in agreed upon policy.
Only then can we understand the full scope of the world and achieve perpetual flight.
When building our flock we look out for individuals that have a clean mind but have difficulty defending their own feathers.
We must not allow others to pluck feathers from our flock members and we must avoid plucking other flocksmens feathers at all costs.
There are always exceptions and sometimes a individual no longer wishes to fly in the same direction as the flock.
At this time the member must either to re-affirm what is the common direction, find a new flock, create their own flock, or if the flocksmen truly feels he/she is in the right and his flock is moving in the wrong direction he can appeal to members and change direction.
Each member is both a leader and a follower.
But not every member has to emit both aspects
A flock that changes direction to often can never achieve flight, with no direction on where to soar, a flock will weaken and crash into the earth. Heads of a flock must remain firm and steadfast to keep a clear direction. Followers must gain knowledge and insight however possible. To do this one must take great leaps of faith.

Part Four: Building a nest
All souls that achieve flight have a nest they themselves created. It furthers one to have somewhere to go. One cannot achieve flight until they leap from the home nest with resolve and vigor. If your mind is light and without worry, your flock is right and with direction, you have been defending your feathers from being plucked and regrowing stronger feathers in place. Now you can leave your home nest. Unlike birds our home nests are not built up high enough to achieve flight. You will surely crash into the ground should you attempt to fly straight from your origin nest. This is why we must build up our own nests, while not sacrificing our birth homes. Your own place where you can connect with who and what you are. Where you can develop your own hypothesis' and theories in peace without the fear of reprisal or intrusion. A nest is required before building your own flock, but it is not required to be accepted into a flock, it is however, required for achieving perpetual flight. For to truly fly we must have influence over more feathers than the sum of our own. In this way we create the largest updrafts. There are no exceptions, one will never be truly enlightened by following only in the footsteps of another. One can never perpetually obtain flight in lockstep. One can however learn to fly and gain experience in flight in by following in the footsteps of great men. But to achieve you cannot cling onto unnecessary baggage.

Part Five: Letting go
Because many have the desire to fly but do not understand the path to flight, many will pluck your feathers in an attempt to gain them for flight. They do this by taking enough feathers themselves and starting their own flock or by plucking yours until you yourself can no longer fly, this is not only unnecessary, but harmful to all parties involved. Because of this we must be willing to let flocksmen go in order for them to fly unhindered and without hindering the flock. A failing flocksmen will always be allowed to return if he or she has not achieved perpetual flight and is still within a right mind. But flock members that routinely pluck the feathers of other members must be removed from the group and never allowed to return. More over we need to learn to let go of the negative emotions of the past, we can not let that baggage weigh us down, if we do we will never achieve flight. Release the negative emotions of the past and never harm others.

Part Six: Why we shouldn't pluck feathers.
A feather plucked is lift gain for you, but it is not as much gained as was lost by the other. A plucked feather can never 100% assimilate to its new host. It is easily lost and does not support the same weight, it is half as useful on the new member than it was on the previous. This is why flocks who pluck each others feathers can never achieve flight. The constant exchange of feathers keeps increasing the total amount of feathers required for flight. In toxic flocks such as these, we must exit the flock if we cannot usurp and redirect the path of action. We must then shed and regrow our feathers if we have sustained sufficient damage before looking for a new flock or creating our own. Exchange enough feathers and soon that group will be barred from flight. Steal too many feathers from others and you must shed or return them in order to achieve flight. You must shed with apology, reverence, and right action those feathers you have stolen so that new and stronger feathers can grow in-place of what was never yours to begin with. A feather returned has the potential to strengthen both parties, for knowledge and understanding gained strengthens a feather. A re-assimilated feather can gleam great insight into ones own person. How was that feather plucked in the first place? What must I do to keep that feather from being plucked again. Must I change myself? Must I change how I react? Must I change where I direct my energies? These questions will allow you to achieve flight. You must understand yourself.

Part Seven: Understand yourself wholly and completely to achieve flight
You simply cannot achieve flight if you do not understand yourself. You will find it difficult to belong to a flock, much less create your own if you do not understand yourself, if you are not aware of your identity. If there is something you do not like about yourself you need to understand what it is and how to change it. If it truly is something you or anybody else can change, then you must continue to focus your efforts in the right manner. Only serious ailments and maladies can be excused from applying remedy and only by being upfront with others about these can sufferers achieve flight. Honestly understanding ones shortcomings and reflexivities will strengthen resolve in the moment, when resolve is needed most. We cannot be surprised by sensitivities sprung upon us if we are already aware of their existence. More, if we are aware of our shortcomings and are in the process of change we need not worry about those who should try to pluck using our shortcomings as ammunition. Should they try to pluck, and you react reflexively to surprise and sensitivities, you will surely lose a feather. Even if you pluck one out from the plucker the scales of lift remain unbalanced. It is best to remain cool, but upright and ready for action. Resolve yourself with the intent of your own change and transition your sensitivity to righteousness. Why are you trying to change that part about you? Are you being successful in doing so? What more could you do to better yourself and achieve a satisfactory result? What more could you do for your flocksmen and those just outside of the flock?

Part Eight: Try to fly higher each day; never allow your life to remain stagnant
We should not simply be content to fly up onto our perch and sit. To truly achieve flight we must fly higher each day. If you are tired of starting over, stop giving up. Turn your ripples into tsunami's. Your flaps into life changing updrafts. In undertaking more and more each day our feathers are strengthened and flight becomes easier and easier. This is how one achieves perpetual flight or becomes a “dragon”. Having such mass and carrying the weight of heaven and all its supporeters, it can be difficult for a dragon to achieve flight. Perseverance of the right mind and a strong resolve is required to achieve flight. The secret of the dragon is a clear path of persistent and benevolant nature, backed by the heavenly forces of rightous thunder and forceful lighting which bring about justice and abrubt new constructs of reality when challenged. The dragon makes its sets focus to its mind and stirs the airs of change each day until the updraft is sufficient to give rise to its enterprise. It's individual freedoms and prosperity provided for all around it make the form much sought after. Many flocks who have discovered flight, will follow in the path of the dragon without even knowing it. The dragon possesses intricate knowledge from its hardships and scars from its battles and birth, but creates its own wind on which to travel and thus no longer has need for feathers. The shedding of these feathers allow others to achieve flight, sharing in the acts of carrying out benevolence, reducing the total burnden on the dragon.
It is the fragments of knowledge left over by the feathers that we can assimilate into our being to achieve flight. But following in the path of a dragon or any other teacher directly will always keep one from achieving perpetual flight. This is because each path is unique. They cannot be duplicated or repeated. The path of the dragon is different for every being. The lesson of flight to be learned from dragons is to persevere at all costs, never give up. Do this and you will create an updraft to ride to your own unique salvation, spreading the prosperity of the benevolent aspect far and wide.

Part 9: Help others achieve flight.
It should go without saying that a strong flock is essential to achieving flight. We must encourage those of our flock to fly so that we may gain flight ourselves. The effect is additive. The more individuals we have flying, the bigger the updraft becomes and the higher we can fly ourselves. The higher we fly with the flock, the higher our minds and goals remunerate. It is exponential the heights we can achieve within a good flock. When it is time to begin our own flock we must keep reverence for the flocks and dragons that taught us flight, we must always seek to give others the ability of flight and we must not pluck feathers to achieve flight. Helping others achieve flight will create such an updraft that you can unlock the dragon in yourself.

Part 10: Birthing a New Dragon.
Now that you have kept your feathers from being plucked by being strong, cleaned your mind and kept it clean, roosted your own nest, found a flock, removed from your life those who tirelessly pluck feathers, stopped plucking from others, understand yourself and motivations clearly, created an updraft with perseverance and daily additive right action, and helped those within your group to achieve flight. Now you can give birth to a dragon. The dragon grants flight to all by offering feathers it no longer needs so that powerful and right flocks can remain in flight and so that individuals may disband and spread the seeds of truth. Birthing a new a dragon has the inevitable consequence of dissolving a group or losing some of its members. This is because all who birth a dragon are given truth and the insight to follow the right path. With this knowledge it is likely that many members leave the flock in order to build new flocks and soar in their own personal direction. Achieving goals for the betterment of society. This is what a dragon teaches when it has risen up. It teaches us individual truths about who we are and sets our path straight. In doing so a dragon sets us in perpetual flight, in perpetual flight others can easily join us and no feather can be plucked. The updraft potential is world changing. We know what must be done to accomplish the vision of our ultimate self and spread more benevolence throughout the world. Sometimes that vision requires disbanding and forming our own flocks to spread the seeds of truth and knowledge and of flight. A flock that births a dragon will forever change the world as its members are caste off into the world to create updrafts for humankind.

Well that's that, hopefully you gleaned something and don't think I'm a total jackass. If you did make it this far, I congratulate you. Consider leaving a comment and hitting the upvote and/or follow buttons.
Peace out dragon scout. See you on the next post!


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