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Opinions Accusing Writings


On the other hand, many think that there is no answer and that it simply doesn't matter, I don't consider myself an atheist but it is enough to have common sense and realize that to believe in something that goes beyond and above all in God our Creator you don't even have to belong to a religion because there are realities that are difficult for us to explain how life itself, which originated from a perfect Creator and not by coincidence or chance.

Einstein believed in God and this man who is so well known was passionate about science, but this does not mean that we should take away merits from the theory of evolution and shout at the top of our lungs that creation is real only because of the simple fact that this celebrity has had a deity in which to believe, because then we are discrediting science in itself and seeing it null thanks to Einstein and only believing the way or what we really want to believe to feel good.

In the personal thing it is possible to emphasize that this is more coherent and much more when one does not have bases to refute facts that cannot be explained taking into account scientific arguments, many are still in questions for me it is simpler to say: God is the creator of all the things which was entrusted and allowed evolution to fulfill its role as fundamental base and function which today we all know.

I thank everyone who belongs to this wonderful community to read to me. May you all have a happy Good sunday.