What lost is lost....!!

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In this world nothing is permanent, every day we gain or lose something. The reality is that a lot of us have had it better than others. Our lives are not perfect, but we need to be grateful for what we have and make the best of the cards we were given.

I would love to be a scientist who can understand the mysteries of the universe, or a veterinarian taking care of animals, or any profession that requires intelligence and skill. I’d like to be an astronaut and explore other worlds, an archaeologist discovering new ancient artifacts, a detective solving crimes. I’d love to be the president, leading my country with integrity and intelligence. The dream world is nothing but pure imagination.

There are many things that we need to be happy about, even when life throws us an unfavorable hand. For example, you're still alive and healthy after you had a heart attack last year. You can walk and see, which is something many people would love to do again after they were in an accident or took medicine that affected their ability to live a normal life. You wake up every day with a roof over your head, food on your table, and clothes on your back – all because someone helped you out when you needed it most.

It's easy to get lost in your own thoughts at night and start wishing for things that don't exist. But we should be more grateful for what we have and not focus on the things we don't. No matter what you might think about your life, it still is a reality. There are plenty of people who are worse off than you are, so there's no point in feeling bad about it. You're lucky to have parents that care about you, a roof over your head, to eat, or a job that pays you well.

One of the most essential things in life is to do something you like. This can be easily said, but it isn’t always easy to do. One of the biggest obstacles is expecting too much from yourself and forgetting to be grateful for all that you have. I am thankful for the chances that have come my way in life. I am grateful for the vision of my goals and aspirations. I always try to look forward to what is coming in my life, what will happen next, and how it will make me better.

It is often difficult to see all the good in life. This section is about those things that we tend to overlook in our day-to-day lives, but which are of great importance to our happiness. We will be grateful for anything that happens in the future. We will be grateful when we have achieved any goal, no matter how small the outcome was. We will be grateful for everything we have, and not just when something bad happens that forces us to refuse gratitude.


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