NanoWriMo Madness Day 1

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NANOWRIMO began today. I managed to get out 263 words! Far short of the recommended 1677 per day. But I'm happy to have gotten anything in with all the other deadlines I had today.

I'll catch up though. How do I know? Because I prepared! I meant to share this a week ago to see if I could drag anyone else here with me into the abyss, but I'm sharing it now.
Here's a screen shot of my Scrivener corkboard:

unity scrivener screenshot.jpg

These are the chapters I want to complete during Nano. Though, I suspect I'll need to add a few in between some of these. My color code is:

  • Yellow - I have the idea for what needs to happen but nothing at all written
  • Ugly green/brown - I have notes, sometimes copious notes, of what goes into these chapters, but again nothing I could say is written.

But it is a plan and if I stick to it I think I'll get it done.

That's it for today's update! For everyone else writing this month I wish you prosperity in your word counts. However many you get, it'll be more than you had.

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