Only if you can know everything

in #writinglast year

Silly moth, do you really believe there is something you have to accomplish by flying into the light and smashing into my closed window? Enter my home, then leave! There is no doubt that my three cats will capture you. You'll move quickly in a small space, crash into the walls, trip, and burn yourself by touching a hot lamp. Consider this to be your sun, do you? It will treat you cruelly. I won't be able to cure your wounds and provide you with food. You'll pass away from thirst and longing. What draws you in so strongly? Passion?
You know, folks make stupid decisions too.
Wait, I'll allow you in; you'll discover everything for yourself. Such passion cannot be halted, and while it aches afterwards, the heart can break.
Everything must be experienced personally in order to determine its value.
Knowing everything is preferable to knowing nothing at all.
Do enter!

Image credit to pixabay