Shapeshifting - The Other Monsters or The Monster of Disco

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The Other Monsters and I hung out for bit, two days ago, before my twin sister joined me at the river beach.

My aim was to try and understand thelittle buggersm a little better.

Where they were coming from
why they were talking and acting the way they do
and, more importantly, why they carried such heavy energy.

They didn't answer.

Then, yesterday, they came to me again...

and the following unfolded right in front of me....

before it shaped into this clump of monsters,
resembling a super colorful, creative and possibly powerful brain...

That I decided to give a leg and foot so it could move around.

And then I wondered if what I had now in front of me
was actually yet another representation of The Monster of Disco...


I really like seeing your process unfolding in this post, dearest Vincent: really seems connected (perhaps your monsters will evolve into the Monster Of Co) 😛🥰🌟

Haha! I guess you're right.
It feels/ is connected, at least in its brain shape
but I must say that I sure like the 'sound' of 'Disco' a lot more ;<)

Oh I see, the monster made a very solid move. It's power ranger time. 😅

One legged good Ball ❤️☮️

Power Rangers haha!
I guess that's what you grew up with.
I feel I was already a little bit too old when that show came out.

Also, I would prefer to think of Voltron.
A lot cooler ;<)

All hail the monster of disco!!!

cheers mate! I appreciate the admiration ;<)

When I see plasticine I get all excited for a misspent youth 🙂🙂

Haha! I believe you have two li'l ones that still have time to misspend their youth but, then again, you are never too old to play with clay ;<)

Hahaha I love when you do stuff like this! ❤️

And I love to be loved ❤️

There is no way one will see this and won’t fall in love with the monster of disco
Looks really nice

♥️Thank you!🎶

You had some interesting time with the monsters, hanging out, seeing them transform and all. I'm becoming as interested in the monsters as you are and hope to read more about them. Hope your Friday is going well. I wish you an awesome weekend. Take care and God bless my friend.

I'm becoming as interested in the monsters as you are and hope to read more about them.

Great. Nice to hear that you can identify with them.

I am well and hoped you enjoyed your weekend too. Cheers!

It definitely looks a bit disco-nnected but maybe there's a bunch of them and they're all like that.

Or maybe they're like Voltron XD

The Voltron comment made me laugh as I mentioned this to @inuke , as a reply to his comment where he came up with the Power Rangers haha!

I suppose Power Rangers could work too XD I didn't really like that one much.

But why, it's the best nonsense ever.

I have an extremely low tolerance for stupid XD

Voltron never made it to India. But this gives me opportunity to explore that too. Lets see what this voltron is..

Thank you for sharing the detail step by step and I must confess it must have really been a long way to continue it going

I guess I prefer long ways over shortcuts. After all, it's all about the journey ( just like life ) ;<)

interesting, beautiful crafts, thank you very much for sharing the report,have a nice day

Glad you like(d) it!

Now I’m thinking about if it’s easier to roll around as a ball or hop around as a ball with one leg 🤔 I’m sure both is pretty fun though.

It might be a little different for a multiple-monster-brain-on-a-leg ;<)
I think hopping is nicer and gives you a better perspective/ oversight.

I like to see you playing with these molds and making these undefeatable monsters

They are pretty cool, right?
If we forget their ( heavy ) energy for a bit ;<)

Nice colourful craft. Thanks for sharing.

Cheers! I like the colors too :<)

This is not at all easy to make them as you can see that you have worked hard

#hive #posh

Not easy but also not hard work. It takes time though to get into the right mind set/ space to channel this creativity.