The Writing Impact Challenge #1

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Welcome to the Writing Impact Challenge

It was Maya Angelou that said, "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

The purpose of this challenge is two-fold, (1) to create a literary piece of beautiful art. (2) to write something that evokes a certain feeling so that your readers may remember how you made them feel when they read your literary piece of art.

Also, the challenge of this contest is to use more than one word in your Poem, or Story Fiction or Non-Fiction in 50- 500 words. An example of this can be found by looking at my poem (which is not an entry for the challenge) on my blog entitled, Purple, Chocolate, and Beauty.
Combining words can convey even more of your voice and the message you wish to create and express. So join me in this Writing Impact Challenge as we have some fun with words.
You may do all of the above by using the word prompt list below:

  1. Warm
  2. Stars
  3. Chocolate
  4. Sometimes
  5. Red
  6. Light
  7. Water
  8. Beauty
  9. Gratitude
  10. Music
  11. Snow
  12. Rhythm
  13. Epiphany
  14. Captive
  15. Coffee
  16. Reflection
  17. Rain
  18. Autumn
  19. Ocean
  20. Dreams
  21. Incense
  22. Darkness
  23. Echo
  24. Mother
  25. Purple
  26. Fire
  27. Thirsty
  28. Dare
  29. Vision
  30. Leaves
  31. Yellow
  32. Violin
  33. Passion
  34. Sun
  35. Photograph
  36. Listen
  37. Moon
  38. River
  39. Horizon
  40. Father
  41. Swan
  42. Wind
  43. Eyes
  44. Pearl
  45. Touch
  46. Breathe
  47. Safe
  48. Care
  49. Give
  50. Happiness

The Challenge Rewards Are As Follows:
1st Place - 5 SBD
2nd Place - 4 SBD
3rd Place - 3 SBD

The Rules For The Challenge

  1. You can write a story or a poem. The word count should be between 50-500 Words.
  2. The words you choose from the list above which should be 2-3 should be in your title or your introduction.
  3. The words 'writingimpact ' should be your first tag and apart of your title.
    4.Winners will be chosen with consideration of the following: grammar, rhythm, imagery, and creativity.
    5.Upvote this post and resteem it to your blog.
  4. (Links Only) Drop a link to your entry in the comment section below.

The deadline to enter this challenge is Saturday, January 20th, 2018, 12 midnight U.S.A. Eastern Standard Time.

Let The Challenge Begin and Happy Steeming!!


I have an urge to put every word in the body of text... 😂
It is so hard to choose.

I feel the same way! I'm trying to decide. I'm pretty sure I'm going to wind up using a lot more than 2-3. We'll see.

makes poem using solely those words

Yeah, or minimal other words.

I wrote one using every single one of the 50 words, it was maybe 65 words long.
It flowed well, it was magical,
I clicked cut instead of copy when I went to save it to a word document...
2 Hours later and I just can't get the magic back :o


I almost did just that. I put all 50 in too. It was a laborious, yet somehow enjoyable task.
I feel your pain, I have done it before too. Link it to me when you find your groove, so I can resteem it.

My condolences.

Managed to somewhat salvage it, but just couldn't figure out how I had the last 3 stanzas, thus them being, a wee bit jarring.
At least now I know to copy the text from the preview first, and not where I'm typing it in!

You're so nice for commenting on this post. For that, I gave you a vote!

What a Gentleman!

Wow ,this story charm me..Waiting to your next post .

nice poetry
just very nice thanks to share

Amazing, so so amazing I'm in

wow! That's nice

Wow, lovely am going to enter this contest.
Here is my entry click me

Thank you for your entry @deeclown I love it.

Hello. Do you mean each person can only choose 2-3 of the words listed in his entry or you mean 2-3 of those words must be in the title?

Both @tolustx your poem or story must contain and be about 2-3 words from the word list above and when you create your title it should include the words you have chosen to use for your poem or story. Use the poem I did as a reference for what you will create you can check it out here.

Okay. Thanks.

Wish I could partake in this... But poetry and I do not speak the same language😥

Lol. What about short story?

Oh... Okay, lemme try that! Thanks

Steemit is very encouraging and inclusive of any style of word jumble... Trust me. I had never written anything creative, and much of what I still write is a subconscious mind spew . But people are so kind and I enjoy the process so much now.
Have a go.

I don't normally write to prompts, but maybe I could use a little shaking up. I'll see what I can come up with for this challenge!

very nice photography ...
i like your post very well ..
thank for sharing with us ...
& keep the top up ...

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I tried delving into fiction a bit, not my usual style but here it is...

Thank you for your entry @iamflow. the symbolism is very intriguing.

And thank you for hosting :D

Good evening, @Rensoul17, in keeping with your rain theme, here's a waking, walking hallucination:

Thank you for your entry @yahialababidi, I loved it and the pics tie right in completely.

Glad you liked it, @rensoul17 & I know you’re sensitive to images, based on the stirring ones that you select :)

Thank you for your entry @therainbow, it is a powerful piece.

All I can say is what a dream and maybe the opportunity was not forever missed. What's yours will come to you. Anticipate your dreams coming true and make intentions, which will open the door. @tolustx thank you for your entry.

Thank you.
Thanks for the challenge.

@theloneword, thank you for your entry. And thank you for allowing the reader to accompany you in the fullness of your dream journey.

I love a good challenge!! Stay tuned.......

Okay. I did it. I couldn't help myself, I put 3 in the title and all 50 in the text. I think it will be my sole accomplishment for the day. Perhaps I'll manage a doodle after I rest.
Thanks, it was a very enjoyable experience. I look forward to seeing this contest flourish.

Advanced warning- It's a rambler.

Wonderful, infact the best of this contest so far.

Great writing, it's was more than just a ramble, much more @girlbeforemirror. Thank You for your entry.

Nice, very good use of the words chosen for this challenge. Thank You for your entry. @japhofin8or

Pouring my heart out again today. Thank you, @rensoul17 for this poem challenge inspiration. ♥

Incredibly moving, an epic depiction of grieving that I can truly relate to. I have been there. @feye Thank you for your entry.

Thanks alot @rensoul17 for organizing this contest.
This is the link to my entry;

A nice poem that takes your readers on a nocturnal journey. Thank you for your entry. @aduragbemi.

I want to begin by saying thanks to all of you that entered the writing impact challenge. It is so encouraging to have so much support for my vision on this one

This challenge has shown such an overwhelming response that my decision on the winners will weigh heavily on those who followed the rules of the challenge. Just a note to remember.

I will also be extending the winners circle by five more places, based on what I have read thus far.

It seems it's going to be a fight to the finish. The entries have been incredible and all of you should feel good about the work you put in.

This is the last day of the challenge and I really hate to say goodbye. I am sure I will connect on some level with many of you again. Thank You all and whether you place as a winner in this challenge or not you are all winners in the literary world and in life, so please keep on writing, keep on adding to your body of work, and keep on Steeming. Loving you all @rensoul17

I'm gonna finish my piece tonight and tmrw - thanks for this post about following the rules I certainly will. Cheers @lonestarpoet

Oh no! I found this post like 30 minutes ago and I'd love to participate. When you say Saturday at midnight, does it mean I still have the whole Saturday to publish it or tonight it's the last chance? :(