10 Mile Long Ice Sheet Breaks Off, Stranding Ice Fishermen, Lake Superior ~ #convertyoutubers

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Funny enough, I was chatting with @bozz a few weeks back and we went back and forth sharing articles of people ice fishing and getting swept out to sea because the ice they were on broke off from the coast.

Well not long ago, a 10 mile long sheet of ice broke free from the coast, leaving many ice fishermen stranded on a floating sheet of ice, being carried out to the middle of Lake Superior.

Most everyone lost all of their gear. We're talking ice houses, poles, tackle, vexilars, augers, you name it, it got left out there.

A few heroes hopped in some small skiffs and tried to save and help as many people as possible. Human life was obviously #1, and thankfully as far as my knowledge, no one was injured or died. But they were also able to save a few items that would have ended up on the lake floor.


The video I am sharing below is from a local MN YouTuber.

His name is Mav. He grew up not far from me in a suburb of Minneapolis, but recently moved up to Duluth, MN. A beautiful city overlooking Lake Superior.

Most of his videos are of him truck camping or doing catch & cooks. Cool dude and overall his videos are really well done. Be sure to go check out his channel.

I have emailed Mav once or twice, trying to get him to post here on Hive, but so far no dice. Maybe this will help? Who knows.

So here's the video elaborating on the ice break, and a good deed by Mav helping a few people get some of their gear back, check it out and feel free to let Mav know on his YT channel that you saw this on HIVE!

The more great content creators we can get here, the better for everyone. They just don't know what they're missing.

Maybe he'll even end up changing his tag line to "and you already know the drill, just keep on Hive'n", lol. I can only dream, right?


That is so crazy. The way the temps have been warming up, it is getting more and more dangerous. I remember a while ago I was out for a ride with my buddy and he decided to drive his car out onto the bay. I mean people do it all the time, but it was still freaking. I always find it funny when they are talking about where the fish are biting and they say you have to go out past the second crack. Yeah, no thanks!

you have to go out past the second crack.

lol, no thanks!

The 28th was the last day for ice houses on the lakes up here, so now it's just you and a bucket if ya want to keep fishing. But with the temps supposedly hitting 50 this week, you won't find me out there. Unless of course I'm working on my tan.

Haha, I hear you!

Hi @intothewild

Being stranded in the conditions you describe must not be easy at all, just imagining the scenario sounds terrifying. I liked this sentence "The more great content creators we can get here, the better for everyone". Cheers.

Yours, Piotr