It was a good video, thanks for speaking out about an important issue.
Very sad that you had to sensor yourself to stay up. I've done the same and I hate it. I feel like if we do that, we've already lost, in many aspects.
I can't be censored and I can't be silent, I just won't, I can't, it's not going to happen. I've learned too much and I'm not fooled by the lies keeping almost everybody else in line. I've been shadowbanned for over 7 years on YouTube, I was gaining 500 subs per month for about a year, then it slowed to a trickle as I got more and more honest with my analysis. I topped at about 9000 subscribers and can't really seem to find more, even though I do some of the best videos in alternative media. I can't reach anyone new, and haven't for many years. I've been speaking only to my friends and fans, and even that list dwindles over time. Great content doesn't get results on YouTube anymore, you've got to also tow the line, and I'm terrible at that. Steem is a little better... not as much censorship yet, at least. But here too, great content doesn't get results, only bots and trails do. I thought Steem was going to save me from YT's censorship and corruption, but it's just a different kind of censorship and corruption. Tough to find a home for my considerable online presence and ever-growing horde of content.

It's weird having to choose another platform when you've spent years and years (like yourself) building a community on YouTube. I mean, I get it. Other platforms are necessary. But when the majority of people utilize Google as their search engine for video searches, what is the likelihood that other video platforms are going to pop up in that search?

Like with steemit: it's fine, whatever. But the whole voting influence thing is problematic when one person who doesn't like what you're saying can essentially nuke and hide your post with one press of a button.

AND do you remember when everyone moved in droves over to vid me? Then, when people tried to share your video on Twitter/Facebook, both platforms marked the video as spam, so it was like throwing a video link into the vast abyss of nothingness. And then vidme just gave up shortly after.

Long time Grace, hope you are well - great videos - yeah, I agree, just got to keep on keeping on. See how long we are around. I am using Steemit more and more myself and Dtube. I don't even check other social networks much at all. Don't even hardly check youtube - everyone I am subbed to - including you on YouTube, Youtube never shows me their videos, I have to hunt their channels down each time. Thanks Grace!

Steem will grow not many people on here yet compared to YouTube it will take time to get a good following that can support you.

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Ways you can help the @informationwar!

The non Masonic soldiers (if there are any) need to wake the hell up and start making a ROUND UP LIST. Google/YouTube employees being the first guests in the FEMA Motels.

If you're deleting your content so that Youtube doesn't delete your channel, you are self-censoring and your speech is being controlled by Youtube. That makes you controlled opposition, which I am not interested in. I don't get any income from my speech, and I'm not trying to. I don't use Youtube because I am not controlled opposition, I am free speech. If I can't speak freely, I don't bother.

There are alternatives to Youtube, and I encourage you to make use of them. I won't be able to spend time consuming your content unless it is interesting to me, and, as I pointed out, controlled opposition is not interesting to me. I cannot solve your problem with monetizing your content, and am incompetent to advise you in that regard.

I am of little value as a customer, but I will only provide my custom to creators I am interested in. 3speak, dtube, bitchute, twitch and other platforms exist, and some of them will not seek to control your speech. I am interested in your uncensored voice, but not your voice under any circumstances. It's likely that the content you deleted was that I found most valuable. I expect that if you stay your present course, and continue to censor yourself, you will lose me as a customer. I'd prefer that didn't happen, and I'm confident you would, but we aren't making this happen, Youtube is.

I hope you can continue to produce content I will continue to want to consume, whereever you create it. I'd as soon never watch another Youtube video in my life to be honest.


I never respond to these types of comments, but I want to this morning.

Deleting videos in an effort to keep my channel afloat so I can reach people with my research makes me controlled opposition, even though I have those deleted videos backed up on places like bitchute?

all i gotta say is


I appreciate the courtesy of your reply. While I understand that the nature of my comment was not encouraging, I made every effort not to be insulting in any way. You might note that I mentioned Bitchute and other alternatives to Youtube in my comment as means of not self-censoring your voice and allowing me and everyone else that wants to hear what you have to say to hear what you really think.

You haven't mentioned Bitchute in any post I have seen before, so I was unaware that you curate your videos there. You have never provided a link to that repository, and if you had, I'd view your videos there, as I only watch your videos on Youtube because that's the only place I know to find them. Please do provide links to your content on other sites, so that I may boycott Youtube and still view your forthright and cogent posts.

I realize that being controlled opposition is not something you want to be. It's evident in all your posts that you aren't happy with censorship, propaganda, and intrusive surveillance, and that's exactly why I am a follower of your content. I feel the same way.

But, deleting your videos to keep your channel is self-censorship, and undertaken to please Youtube so that you can keep speaking, even if you can't speak freely. If that isn't allowing Youtube to exercise control of your opposition to censorship, what is it? It is the very definition of controlled opposition, and that is why - and the only reason why - I am not interested in content that you have censored to meet Youtubes standards. If you don't speak freely and forthrightly what use is your speech to me? I can hear anyone that kowtows to Youtube anytime I want. I don't want. I don't follow anyone that allows Youtube to determine what they can say, because I'm not interested in what Youtube wants people to say.

I'm interested in what you have to say, but if you won't say it, what good does it do me to hear what you post?

It is not my intention to insult you. I pointed out that I have no answer regarding demonetization. I pointed out that I cannot provide nominal income to replace what your Youtube channel avails you, and I did that to indicate that I am not unaware of how valuable that income may be to you. However, I also don't post content to platforms that censor me. You might note that all my comments and posts are flagged by bots, and there's a reason I keep posting on this account anyway. @berniesanders, the owner of the bots, wants me to censor my voice, and I defy him. That's the only reason. It would be easy to use another account. It only costs 3 Steem to buy a new one.

I use this one. I'd also watch your videos on Bitchute if I had a link to them there, and never again use Youtube to view your content, for the same reason.

I did not insult you. You may feel it is necessary to keep using Youtube, and I did not tell you not to do that. It's none of my business what you do. What I said is true, and is what you yourself reported: you self-censor your content so that Youtube will let you keep posting it on their platform, and that limits your voice to what Youtube wants you to say. I don't want to hear what Youtube wants you to say, so I won't view your content under their control.

You seem to feel I've insulted you, when all I did was point out those facts. Perhaps it is your self-censorship that insults you, and not my honest assessment of the value of content to me that Youtube approves. I don't actually know. It seems likely though, given your honest feelings about censorship and propaganda I have heard you discuss previously.

I won't tell you what to do. I do want to hear what you have to say when you are free to speak your mind. Please provide links to content where you do that, so I can. I don't want to hear what Youtube approves of you saying. Those are facts, not insults. I consider Youtube the enemedia, and insofar as I am able, I avoid their efforts to sway my opinion.

I hope you do the same, and help keep freedom of speech possible to people whose lives may depend on it.