Competing visions of Steemit... fight for the one you want

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2 Visions of Steemit: 1) people gain for creating, curating, and valuing the works of others.
2) little concern for others OR the future of STEEM
1 may have a future, if we want it
2 dies..
ONE is worth it - never give up!


Seems like a fairly clear choice to me. The problem I see is the ability (as in life) of a relatively small percentage of bad actors to make trouble for all...



I think more troubling to me is not the actors themselves, but the rift it seems to foment on Steemit. Its more intuition than something I can prove, but I do wonder how many people who could have been great community members alonside us have departed already because of this dynamic? But as in life (and frankly a big part of my personal theology as to why be a pastor) the only real way I can see that is good is the one where people respond to an interior calling to themselves participate in better / more healthy / redeemed ways and by doing so create the k8nds of experiences and environments we are seeking to create.

It’s definitely a micro-cosm of the real life world we inhabit.

There is always (at least in me) that tension between sticking around as salt and light, and fleeing to that cave in the wilderness.

My typical tendency has been to stay and try to make things better. I have all too often found it impossible, and have overstayed.

I think it's really a "wisdom thing." And being lead by the wind... (you might enjoy my Bible Curmudgeon series... ;)

I'm sure I will. Might be able to crack it a bit tomorrow after a couple posts. I'm working on finishing the first two articles of a new series I'll be uncorking tomorrow. "Theology of Steemit" will be my attempt to apply a theological lens to various dynamics of this platform... I'm hoping to at least give some food for thought around the human dimensions of this community and our interactions together. Ive got the Introduction post pretty well ready to go... working tomorrow morning to get "Upvoting as "Blessing" finished. Was thinking of trying to catch you on Discord... you gonna be around by any chance?

Looking forward to your series.

I'll continue to watch for you on Discord when I'm around... ;)

Cool I'll try to link up with you. As an aside... I tried to get to the Curmudgeon series through links in your "Library" only to be hit with some sort of https error and a big white screen saying that my browser couldn't connect... got the same message on every article I tried to click through on that Library post... not sure what that means, just thought I'd let you know. Net connection was working fine in every other way so it seemed rather odd.

<Deep Sigh>

I am past due, must update my Library.

Steemit changed its GUI - all those links used to work, but something they did to the code since I published them has inserted a spurious 'https//' into the link.

If you "copy link location" and then remove the obvious "extra" https// you can get to any article.

However, special for you, here is a short list of links to the Curmudgeon series...

The Curmudgeon's Bible

Jesus and Nicodemus
II Thessalonians 1
The Word "Church"
The Word "Angel"
🕎Is John's Gospel Anti-Semitic?🕎
The Funniest Story In The Bible

I hope you find the series interesting. Would love to hear your reaction.