Liberate Yourself - Why Living Your Purpose is Essential NOW!

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Some people think that focusing on your self-esteem and really getting to know who you are at a deep level is selfish or just navel gazing, not bringing anything to the world.

I don't see it like that. I believe that your knowledge of self and your will to assert your individuality into the world is one of the most important undertakings there is.

You have incredible creative power. Everyone does. But most people are unconsciously allowing it to be syphoned away through giving the majority of their attention and energy to a controlling and consuming system.

Whether it is obeying unjust and illogical dictats just because they are the “law”.

Or endlessly consuming crappy, health depleting products in the belief that they can bring you validation or happiness in some way.

Or going along with “the way things are” to fit in and be a good citizen, without risking rejection or rocking the boat.

The less your self esteem, the more you will align with a system that benefits from your lack of confidence and self-assertiveness.

Building your self-esteem and self-love becomes an act of rebellion because you will no longer be aligned with the decaying system and you will also inspire others to stand up for themselves.

This is why the entire system is stacked against you becoming authentic and very few support you to become independent and self-actualising.

The greatest gift that you can bring to the world is your true self, which will have a ripple effect beyond anything you can imagine.

What is living your purpose? Surely it is truly and unapologetically living as your self. Expressing yourself in whatever form feels right to you.

At this time where the system of control and conformity has accelerated at an incredible pace, there is nothing more important than your individuation process. Really stepping into your uniqueness

There is nothing selfish about it. It is an essential part of the evolution of humanity.

And, as your outer reality reflects your inner world, as you graduate towards deeper self-knowledge and embodiment, it brings an opportunity for a more beautiful world to emerge.

Trusting in yourself will help you in achieving your highest potential. You can achieve great things if you believe in your self and your abilities.

Become confident about who you are and your abilities, and you can make your dreams a reality and inspire others to do the same.

It is time to stop doubting yourself.

Take a chance and do the things that fulfil you, even if they appear to have many risks. The greatest risk is taking no risks at all. Then you truly risk never fulfilling your potential.

And that too is a choice.

Become who you are meant to be and you will be delighted with how your life unfolds.

This is why I have created Liberate Your Self, where you can build the confidence and inner authority to thrive and create a life that you love in an ever changing world.

I truly believe that this is some of the most important work that any of us can do in our lives at this time and I'd love to guide you.

You can check it out here.

There's just a short time left to join and only a few places available.

So come on in and move forward into a life of freedom, love and fulfilment.

With love.

Sam x


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