Steem's #1 Pirate - Abuse & Plunder Report 2018-08-03 (last 24hrs)

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The pirate/donkey/cave troll goes by many names. Its aliases are below:

Top Abuser (aka Reward Pool Rape)


Top Victims (Rewards or Reputation attacked)

VictimValue Plundered

Report Start: Thu Aug 02 11:19:11 EDT 2018
Report End : Fri Aug 03 11:19:11 EDT 2018


Nice try fulltimedick! You circle jerking pro! The big blue dick that lies under the sea!
You conveniently forgot to include what @kabir88 did and how the truce was broken....only a dick like you does that! You leave out the fact that the truce was broken by your side, not mine!

@kabri88 also posted fabricated evidence to accuse me and my colleague, Peter Brandt as tax evaders by using an actual criminal who had a similar name. He used Fortune article to support his fraudulent claim.

Except, @kabir88 was caught! YOU upvoted that fraudulent claim!! You're so blinded in seeing yourself as a Steemit Angel (an oxymoron if there ever was one!) that you'll even support such blatantly deviant lies that @kabir88 posted.

We demanded from @kabir88 a public apology and none has been put forth. When someone intentionally fabricates evidence to defame a good standing person...downvotes are made for them. I will not hold back on him until an apology is made public!

You're such a blue dick that you intentionally frame even this post to be twisted and one sided by leaving out typical of you, a hypocritical circle jerk off!

Hey, fulltimecirclejerkoff...why don't you hold master classes to teach new Steemians how to setup an efficient, under the radar circle jerking clubs?

Hello, I've read many of the comments in this post, I'm an orthopedic surgeon and orthopedist from a country that is currently experiencing serious economic difficulties. Personally I don't know @haejin, I've never had any contact other than through these chats. However, despite the strong criticism he is receiving, I must say that he has presented credible evidence of a truce that was not complied with... Of course, I don't know the origin of or the reason for this battle in such an incredible network (Steemit)... So incredible, that thanks to his upvotes and the votes of other great people of heart like him, we have not only continued to serve people with limitations and low resources in my hospital, but also to make donations so that children from my country can eat. It's probably not much, but it's enough and the gesture is great and we appreciate it.

My name is Leopoldo Maizo, I am a renowned orthopedic surgeon who seeks to perform great actions and I strive to do so. You can search me on google and read about my international awards or if you want to contact me by my instagram, also @drmaizo, where I also publish my work. I'm not a fake account.

Thanks @haejin, and I hope to believe that your actions will continue to grow in the world thanks to a simple click.

And sorry for my bad English. Greetings to all. I hope for the best for both sides. I know that support only generates good results. :)

Hello @drmaizo, your friend @haejin is flagging my fundraising posts to 0. These posts are 100% charity, I am even donating the steem power.

So you are not getting upvotes from him right now, and this is the reason why? Because he uses his votes to flag charity posts.

Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 11.05.36 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 11.05.54 AM.png

Why is @haejin flagging me you may ask. Did I flag him? No. Did I say rude things to him? No. Did I troll his blog? No.

My heinous crime: I upvoted all of my friend Kabir's comments and posts trying to lift his reputation and make him visible again after Haejin obliterated his account, you can see down to a -10 reputation.

For this, I guess everyone should suffer? Haejin should be able to dictate who we vote for? If I don't upvote who he wants my blog gets attacked. Sounds fair...

I can see, it's really very complicated... But to respond to negative actions with more negative actions is what has caused so many wars in the world, this is no exception, it is necessary not only one but several intermediaries to decide which would be the best position because it is supposed that both are contributing with donations and good gestures. Everything needs to be properly documented and evidence presented that is not only compelling but also allows for reliable monitoring of events. I am one of the few people who believe that there are solutions to these problems, but that is if the conditions for a proper pact between two adults are met. I hope for the best @lyndsaybowes

I am sorry that you are losing out on rewards.

I hope everyone reading this goes to @drmaizo's page and give some love to his posts, he's doing great things.

Don't worry, as long as there are people all over the world with goodness in their hearts, we will live in better times. :)

I agree, I have faith in humanity :)

You wrote earlier:

Everything needs to be properly documented and evidence presented

This has now been put together HERE

I was happy to see the truce between you. He did his thing and even though I've never been fond about his approach on Steemit, I was glad to be able to ignore him, just like most others on Steemit seems to do.

I was also one of the people who was fortunate enough to get love and support from the FTG-bot-army which have been dominating this place recently... When the army couldn't be seen, which one could notice in less than a day, I knew something was wrong...

At first, I thought that it was some minor issues with your scripts or whatever, I wanted to believe that instead of any other scenario, but I realized just a few seconds later that the army had got another task. - To fight the troll once again.

I've been here long enough to have witnessed many things. Both good and bad. I've seen the circlejerks, I've seen the greed and the selfish whales. I've seen the amount of back pain on certain users from all their self-sucking...

However, most individuals who're on the greedy-route usually self-vote and ignore other users. This specific user seems to be having fun while hurting others in more ways than that. This specific user seems to be happy with killing others, in terms of reputation and rewards.

I wonder for how long this battle with continue... And I wonder if we'll ever see an end. My best guess is that we'll always be infested by trolls, even if someone would be able to slay the troll-king for good.

With all that being said, I wish you the best of luck as always and I hope you'll officially will be declared as The Troll Slayer.


To anyone reading, the fact of the matter is that @kabir88 fabricated false evidence to accuse an innocent analyst colleague of mine, Peter Brandt, as a tax evading criminal.

Yes, @kabir88; a Chartered Accountant, used a real criminal's background but with a similar name to frame my colleague as that person. Except, we caught @kabir88's scheme and uncovered his sleezy ways.

@kabir88 then went on to use a Fortune article about the real criminal to associate it with BitcoinLive and Peter Brandt and myself! Except, @kabir88 was caught! He furtively tried to trick everyone with the similarity of name and it didn't work!

Thanks for the comment @haejin, I appreciate it.

I admit that I only had one side of the story before you wrote this, but I have to say, that I'll always be thankful for everything FTG has done for the entire community and myself, so it's easy for me to chose side when he's up to something. I'll always be on his side.

That being said, I can totally understand that you would defend your friend, if what you say here is true... But what about the rest of the people you've been flagging then?

I mean, @lyndsaybowes for instance. And @zer0hedge? - That's just two examples.

From my point of view, it looks like you're not only trying to defend your friends, like you mentioned above. Honestly, it looks like you're trying to ruin the lives of others to some extent.

Lyndsay has a family, I guess her steemit income is not the only income she has, but I'm sure it helps her out in one way or another. Just like it's supposed to do for its users.

When you take away her rewards and have negative impact on her reputation it clearly affects her, and I personally can't see the reason for trying to kill her account permanently.

In the case of zer0hedge, you even said yourself that it was a "return downvote". I mean, everyone is obviously free to use their stake as they wish, but you make literally thousands of dollars yet you're eager to reduce the rewards for others. In some sort of retaliation.

Is that really how you believe a community should function?

We need to grow to make Steemit a lasting project. You have tons of support, or you might support yourself, I don't care about that. - What I do care about, is that it looks like you're out there trying to kill and ruin other peoples lives and accounts, meanwhile you're still laughing all the way to the bank, and that's disgusting.

Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but what I've said here, is how things looks from my perspective.

Again, I believe you don't have all the facts. There was a good truce in place. @kabir88 laid down a string of downvotes on my comments. Then he put forth his fabricated evidence. This broke the truce. I immediately sent a private wallet to wallet message to fulltimedick that @kabir88 had launched the downvotes against the truce. I also toled @lyndsaybowes to stay out of it. They decline with impunity and upvoted @kabir88 and his fraudulent post. This clearly breached ALL terms of the truce.

I then demanded that they remove their upvotes for @kabir88 and downvotes on me because it was THEIR side that had breached the truce. I also demanded a public apology from @kabir88 whom I had downvoted severely given how he tried to frame my colleague with just outrageous evidence fabrication of tax crimes.

@lyndsaybowes is not the type of person you think. She is a conniving controller. She has no steempower but she cajoles the likes of fulltimedick to use his SP to do her biddings. She and her hubby had made some of the most disgusting, racist memes of me from months ago. She was caught red handed in trying to control a Steemian to post false posts about me and to post pictures of his buttocks as spam on my posts. He independently came out with a post and an outright apology as shown here:

Her husband @hendrix22, the tattoo man who is a sicko of another kind, was involved in the backdoor plannings. Just look at the post he just made about @jerrybanfield. That meme is made to be hurtful and is not in any way funny.

At the end of the day, @lyndsaybowes is no angel; though she holds an apple for all to take a bite from.

@lyndsaybowes, @hendrix22 and @fulltimedick run one of the most efficient circle jerking scheme. Just look at their upvote pattern. Between her, her mom, hubby, kid accounts, they shamelessly circle jerk and yet call out others who they think makes too much and self votes. Farce!

During the truce, I had been giving about multiple full upvotes to others and would have increased. But the dim witted imbecile, @kabir88 single handedly demolished the truce that had been in place.

I only require that @kabir88 make a public apology for his evidence fabrication and false, intentional accusations made on my good analyst colleague, Peter Brandt. That @fulltimdick and Lyndsay and their posse also remove their downvotes in recognition that it was THEIR side that had breached the truce.

Then the truce can be restored. Not otherwise.

Hi Haejin, I'm glad to see you are responding to people here. I didn't see the claim from Kabir that you are talking about, so I don't really have an opinion on that, and I'm sorry if truly incorrect information was published. But maybe the people who upvoted it didn't know it was incorrect when they upvoted it? Anyway, I don't know the details, so really it's not my business.
I just wanted to point out, that when you start flagging Lyndsay, she starts giving all her rewards away (she really does, because she gave them to me once because she knows I am poor). The other day you killed a post of hers that was slated to go to @schoolforsdg4. If you don't want to un-flag it, that's your choice, but you'd earn a lot of goodwill from people if you dropped one of your big whale votes to the school account directly, so they get a donation anyway. It's a school for slum kids. They really could use the help. They have a current fundraising post here:
It would really help the kids if you could give them an upvote, so they still get help even if y'all are flag-war-ing. And it might help everyone not to think you're such a bully, if you start helping the school kids, yeah? Good PR for you, and all that. One of the reasons people love Lyndsay is because she gives so much away. If you start dropping $100 upvotes on Steemit charities like the school, you'd earn a lot of friends, no?
Please do it, even if just once. I was sad to see the school post got destroyed. It's always poor people who suffer most when richer people go to war.


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Wow. Why am I not surprised.

@starjuno, did your mom drop you on your head when you were younger or something? - Not even @haejin flagged my comments. We discussed things.

And @haejin, I don't care if you are the owner of the @starjuno account or not. Sure, it would look extremely odd for you to talk about things using one account and to flag me with your other one...

Honestly, it would look schizophrenic. - However, I know you delegated to that account in the past, so you should probably take away those flags or have them removed. If not, you're just proving the point so many others have mentioned. - And while we're at it, why the f#ck would anyone flag @phoenixwren?

This is exactly the behaviour I've been talking about.

When the army couldn't be seen, which one could notice in less than a day, I knew something was wrong...

Same thing happened to me, i was like, what happened, did i do something wrong, did something happen to FTG, but then i went and checked and realized the flagging war was back!

This war will never end for one simple reason, you would need the whole power of the whales combined to actually stop for a few days haejin, but the dude is a billionaire if I'm not mistaken, i might be giving out wrong info, if i am sorry, but he is Lee Haejin, billionaire with a net worth of 1.17 billion USD (2018), he can just power up more STEEM and have enough power to withstand us all... you would need ned or steemit account to stop him which they won't because it would mean STEEM was centralized!

But hey, i might be spitting out wrong information... if i am do tell! we are all here to learn!

I think he's just mad he doesn't have an army of bots :D

I wanted to thank you for the interest you had shown with your bot army on my VOP posts (and even to a smaller extent the others). I am sorry that this war started back up. I will admit I am not up to speed on what is going on, but hope that soon enough that all of you can resolve this to everyone's satisfaction.

Holy smokes that is a lot of rewards to take away from people. I have to admit I have not been following along as well as I should have, but this post caught my eye. I need to ponder putting a few of these victims on my auto-vote (aside from @fulltimegeek who is already there). My 0.04 upvote isn't much, but if it helps even a tiny bit in mitigating these losses it is worth the effort!

I am not unbiased, but I did try to make an objective timeline of verifiable events to explain why this conflict was going on if you'd like to take a look.

Hi @fulltimegeek. I will help wherever I can. Unfortunately I am a bit small lol.

Help what? Do you realize that fulltimegeek's side broke the truce that was in place by laying down the first string of downvotes? He then upvotes the fabricated evidence post accusing an innoscent analyst colleague of mine as a convicted tax evader. Really? Hmm.

No I don't know the full story and what happened before. Can a truce not be sorted out now? You were the reason I found Steemit.

oh NOOOOO. Not @kabir88 :/ shheeeesh... What went south? Damn. It's a tough ocean this one.

To anyone reading, the fact of the matter is that @kabir88 fabricated false evidence to accuse an innocent analyst colleague of mine, Peter Brandt, as a tax evading criminal.

Yes, @kabir88; a Chartered Accountant, used a real criminal's background but with a similar name to frame my colleague as that person. Except, we caught @kabir88's scheme and uncovered his sleezy ways.

@kabir88 then went on to use a Fortune article about the real criminal to associate it with BitcoinLive and Peter Brandt and myself! Except, @kabir88 was caught! He furtively tried to trick everyone with the similarity of name and it didn't work!

@fulltimegeek then upvoted @kabir88's post...dick!

FTG, I made a comment in another post that perfectly describes what I'm thinking about this flag war atm: comment

But summarizing, this flag war during a bear market will only be bad for the whole blockchain! the content creators you were helping aren't being helped anymore, maybe some of them might quit seeing their rewards so low, while flagging haejin isn't going to reduce his payout to sub 0, so in the end it won't solve anything! It might even reduce content creators on the blockchain, decreasing the proof-of-brain!

You guys are literally fighting over a destroyed city and in doing so are further destroying it! during a bull market I would understand, but now during a bear market? I don't think it's the best time to be fighting wars! It can actually ruin the whole blockchain! And I don't think neither sides wants STEEM to go away, not you and neither does haejin!

Giving another example: I don't think our ancestors fought for pieces of sand! they fought for pieces of land that could actually be farmed, and STEEM atm isn't farmable, especially for new content creators, it's in the limbo!

But maybe i'm wrong! maybe now during the bad times is the time to fight! Who knows... tell me your opinion, do you think now is the time to be fighting this war? Can't we all come to an understanding?! Wasn't a cease-fire in place previous to this? Can't we all go back to it?! With the damage done by each sides fixed and payed... We are all humans here, we live under the same sun, on the same planet!

May I say I hope all can find a way to a truce and fast. Why? Well while the war rages, it may be that you all ended up fighting over deck chairs on the Titanic. I spend many hours a day on the site and it is not looking good. Many once active users are powering down as the price of Steem continues to fade. It will be sad to see if the war continues and Steem is down to a dime like when I started here. To me, using the bots to support users (and I am one of them, thank you FTG) was a genius move I believe more whales should do to stop the constant decline in the price. Please may you all quickly find some terms for a peace before its too late.