Great to see you back posting on Hive using 3Speak - hopefully people will see you NOT being censored on 3speak and sit up and take note. Hang in there, and watch out for killer peacocks!


ya, I think the problem with 3speak was my lack of bandwidth at home. It worked ok when I went into town and tried it.

A quick update on shifting from Steemit to Hive - my new approach:

it does not look like there is much respect for truth, open discussion or free speech on the Hive platform though. So I may upload to 3speak but skip Hive altogether if these type of trolls are going to be the norm

There is some interesting stuff happening on your posts that is not typical of Hive - it is straight out of Steemit. Keep in mind that there may be accounts here that are not working in the best interest of this platform... Ignore trolls but also block them so they don't show up on your posts!