Being Programmed to Not Find Good Cryptocurrency Projects

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A conversation I had with my friend the other night made me think that perhaps our students are being programmed to not make good long term choices. It would not be too far of a stretch to claim that there will be who will fall for scams and bad cryptocurrency projects. As such, I will discuss a few things that I feel are being taught at school and how we can better train our next generation to make better choices.

Critical Thinking

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Yes, I know, every single educator would lament on the fact that their students are somehow not good critical thinkers. But, hear me out. I went for a course that taught people how to create a startup. It was a really good course, but then I noticed something interesting. I noticed that the system that they used was eerily similar to how I teach research writing. Utilizing (or gaming) the system, my team won third with a superbly boring idea.

I may be biased, but I think the journey of writing a good dissertation or a thesis changes you. It forces you to think from various perspectives. The journey also forces you to take into account all the possible problems that may occur. Thus, thinking critically. However, research skills like this is commonly taught at the end of an undergraduate course. I think that it should be taught much earlier. Imagine if people had the skills and tools to see through projects such as Bitconnect. At least, even if they were to buy into the project, they would know the risks that they are taking.

As such, I think students in high school should be given the opportunity to analyze companies and projects. They should be taught to question the way the company is being run. Hopefully, this will equip them with the ability to see through all the marketing and all the hype. Thus, helping them to also pick the right financial projects or cryptocurrency projects to invest in.

Active Reading

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A good mentor of mine once said, your output is only as good as your input. He was referring to the things I say and the ideas I conjure, not the biological output that you may be thinking about. If you were not thinking about that, you are a better person than I am. However, my mentor is right. You only know as much as the knowledge you have.

Thus, imagine if a good friend were to come to you and sell you a particular cryptocurrency project. If you have no idea what cryptocurrencies are about, nor what simple economics are, you may just be thinking about the potential gains that you may make. This may cause you to lose quite a bit. That is because you are placing your decision at the hands of your friend.

This is an issue not just with cryptocurrency projects but life choices as well. Many tend to base their decisions on Youtubers or influencers without researching it themselves. Now, I am not saying that Youtubers and influencers are not trustworthy, but do read up on it. You may see a perspective that they may not. Furthermore, what works for them may not work for you due to various factors.

Thus, I think the skill of active reading is important. One should always read and understand what they have heard from friends and Youtubers. The best time to inculcate these skills is at a young age. Children should be encouraged to ask as many questions as possible and the teacher should try to connect the answers of these questions to their preexisting knowledge. Thus, if knowledge is like a building block, a teacher builds a child's knowledge by 'stacking' it higher with every question answered.


I believe that in times to come, knowledge will not be as important as wisdom. With social media and the internet in general, it is not difficult to find information on anything including a cryptocurrency project. There is also a lot of information on which cryptocurrency project that one can choose. However, wisdom is a combination of knowledge, experience and a critical mind. Put it all together, you just may find the projects that are rare gems of cryptocurrency projects that are buried underneath all the hype of other projects.

Thus, never stop researching, never stop reading and never stop questioning.



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There's also something other than SMT, is called #scot 😂 there's no good coin or bad coin, only differences of new or old 😂 get in, hit it, then run!

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Hmmm, i think that's good during 2017 but it's not healthy if the market is to mature. Maybe eventually there will be investment in coins with good fundamentals. Anyways, thanks for dropping by

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Do you know you can edit your posts with steemit and add on extra tags, up to 8? Do you know some of the tags are free for all to use, example like #palnet #zzan #neoxian #marlians ? Do you know, if I have these coins staked at their respective condenser, if I upvote your post at whichever condenser, you're getting rewards with different kind of tokens? Oh and the latest is #dblog from just happened this morning our time. Just saying bro, you can choose to ignore the bad coins, but in the end they're bad because the bad guys has been there suck up all the good people's money. There are good coins that didn't do well, deep down in us knowing some of these initiative really benefit to the society, but the value ain't go up, simply because the bad guy haven't dump in their money. 🙂

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That is true, but rather than taking a pessimistic stance and say that the market is bad and thus we should just follow the masses is not exactly doing the overall space any favor. Sure, people who are rich will get richer and you can ride on the trails of the whales. But I'm speaking from an idealistic point of view. It doesn't mean that your take on the market is wrong. Rather, it is a take that everyone is going for. I noticed that you are talking from just coins derived from steemit so let's go for something else. Take ethereum, chainlink and bnb, for example, they have not been doing all too well in a bear market but the moment the market picks up, people put money into them because they have a use case. Are they great projects? Not necessarily.. However, after much evaluation, people deem that it is safe enough for them to park some money there and the possibility of it going up is there. Now, let's take a look at coins like light pay coin or other masternode coins. These coins pump 100% or more on some weeks. They are not good projects but heck they are easy to pump because of the lack of volume. The thing is, in the long run, they do die off. So by your logic, we could join in the pump and dump off these coins and there are many bad actors who will pump these coins, but would you not rather support a project that is good despite the lack of bad people pumping it? There will come a day when someone does notice it and will pump money into it.

I'm rambling, but bottom line is this, no right or wrong in this space. I value your point of view but I'm speaking from an idealistic point of view, hence the disagreement. Ultimately, its our funds and we choose what we do with it.

Thanks for the comments

True la. Give you five thumbs up! Teacher powah!

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