The Wait is Over!👀Altyes Mobile Has Arrived!🤳

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YES! We Are Officially Mobile!

This beautifully crafted and easy to use mobile decentralized application (dApp), has hit the Google Play Store for your favorite Android devices. We know it works, and very well, because @enginewitty is synonymous for picking things apart with a telescope, microscope and then a stethoscope, to make sure there is life in it when he's done. @mahdiyari is quite the surgeon and compiled the code and framework for #altyesmobile, and has done an excellent job!

What Can You Do With It???

Honestly? Pretty much anything you want. It works very similarly to its browser extension sister and is very easy to get the hang of. You can share a link from any page your are browsing, a video on YouTube, even a Twitter link if you so choose. Once downloaded, simply tap share where it is located on your device and the #altyes icon will then be an option so you can put it here on Hive! Don't you just love seeing and experiencing new things? Especially when they are attached to our favorite thing on the internet???

Using the dApp Itself

Is probably easier than any other #blockchain based app you've experienced so far. We did that part on purpose, because we know one thing, above all things, that really matters to you - your time. After you download the lightweight dApp to your phone (or tablet or note or whatever mobile device you desire), you will see exactly what we mean by ease and time. You want to post a picture? Done. Selfie time? Done. You simply want to rant about politics or sports? Done. In the following picture show, you can see just how easy it is to get it all set up and make your first post.

First, you open the app and tap add accountSecond, fill in the required fields and tap nextThen, create a password and tap encrypt and add
Success! Your account is active on #altyes, tap okPut in your username and password and tap unlockAdd any wanted code and your text then tap next
Choose to upvote, add beneficiaries and tap previewMake sure you like it, tap back and then postDouble check your #hive blog and be happy! (I am)

See How Easy That Was?

Here at #FullAlt, we truly want to make things easier for our fellow Hive users and at the same time, help expand it to reach more people out there who have yet to even hear of Bitcoin - let alone Hive.
Our team comprised of witnesses @guiltyparties, @jackmiller, @enginewitty and our graphics specialist, @inthenow, communicate effectively with each other and our developer for this project - @mahdiyari. A special thank you goes out to @saffisara, @chris-uk and @prettynicevideo for helping us to test this application in its earlier versions.

Below, you will find several useful links to our various social media outlets including our website where more comprehensive information can be found about our fun and easy-to-use blockchain toys. We invite you to join us in our discord with any questions you may have or simply leave us a comment and we will surely get back to you as soon as we can. Feedback is important so please let us know what you think! Together, we can all contribute (however big or small) to make Hive the place everyone wants to be. We're just getting started, are you ready?

"Tokenizing the web."




An app just for sharing post on hive!! No notification, feeds🤔. Your app has just only 1 feauture. Is this some kind of joke? Disappointed. Gonna uninstall the app. 🙁🙁

It is not designed to be a front end with full blown engagement capabilities. Simply a lightweight quick way to share your experiences😁

@jahedhossain your feedback is always welcome and you are more than welcome to share your ideas, suggestions etc in the Discord server of FULLALT

Everyone is welcome to contribute, even if it be something that you feel should be added aka "criticism".

As for the apps purpose, @enginewitty answered that in his reply.

But that doesn't mean it won't grow and have added options in future, all depends on feedback from the community.

Hope to see you there.


Joined ur discord server. I will happily share my ideas there.

Nice job guys!!! Awesomesauce!!! Now we just need iOS 😉


Will get there eventually :)

So awesome dude. I knoe ive been down as of late but when this ordeal is over with. Imma be a force

We hope you get back to good soon hun!

@fullalt I just stumbled upon this post about Altyes. I quickly downloaded the app now and made a test post It's great and I love how simple it is. Just want 1 more feature - the ability to post straight into a community. I have many people am bringing to hive and they had wanted an app instead of a browser to access hive. Kudos to the great work. I will show it to friends and do a written review of the app. Thanks.

Awesome! So happy it gives you the ease we intended. You actually can post straight to a community if you know their hive number😉

Oh thanks so much @enginewitty. It's easy to get the number. Thanks, my next post will be through the community.

Awesome post! :D Good to see this app finally released, good job everyone. Props to @mahdiyari!

He definitely deserves some major props😎

gamechanger in the way people can now post content this is freedom excellent work on this app guys amazing job can't wait for IOS release

Thanks bud and thank you for the help!

Looks good. Will have to try before giving any comment. :)

Do let us know what you think!

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Yo that is dope!

Thank you!

i was just thinking of thi s app. i needed an app that will show me notifications and all. please you guys should add private message to hive so this social media can be complete.Good job guys. heading to playstore right now.

Interesting notion and will put it on the board to think about 😎

please do....would give my feed back tomorrow

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Ok, you do that and let us know!

Just reading your letter and responding to it indicates that you are a professional and that you learn we thank you

Have you tried it out?

I will have to check out that project. I just now got on Esteem.

Come back and let us know!

Wow! It cool!

We think so too :D

What the!!! Wow!!! This was really awesome! Along awaited!!! Yeahhhhhhhh

I did download!!! Yes!!!

Super sweet! Let us know how you use it😎

Not for iPhones?

Looking forward to the iOS version to try out.

Good job. I will definitely use it .. Greetings

Let us know what you think!

It should be yellow like a beehive.


Just found this post @fullalt. And downloaded and installed this app, under the mistaken impression that I could use it as a full interface to the Hive blockchain.

Upon getting through the details of correctly getting my account set up, I do not see any way to simply look at my account profile. I am immediately presented with a "Share to Hive" image, as shown in your post, without any (obvious, at least ...) way to get to the image you provide just below it.

Without actually creating a simple post, is there no way then to just look into your profile and check your feed for browsing the work of others?

It is not a front-end, just an easy way to share things to your blog. 😇

Okay, thank you for letting me know @enginewitty! 👍