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I love where I live. It's always a beautiful day to walk around Culver City, California. Walking up Washington, you run into all the landmarks. Landmarks. Kirk Douglas theater, Old City Hall, Sony pictures lot, the Culver City hotel. City hotel. Lots of restaurants to choose from from Irish to Japanese to Mexican to Italian. And people are always out and about with their families and friends.

There's a funny little fountain with a Leo, the lion dancing in the water. It's an homage to the MGM days. Right behind him is a bronze statue of the founder of Culver City. I forgot his name. Then there's a little new plaza that has just been built within the past 5 years. Right in front of the Culver Studios. It's the old Max Senate Studios. And at one time Lucille Ball owned the place. I think. Either way, that's where the Lucille ball show was filmed. I love Lucy. It's now the Amazon Studios.

The Culver City hotel is somewhat historic. It's one of the first places built to house all the actors. There's stories of when they filmed The wizard of Oz there. And they still have an homage little window display. Inside. There's a nice restaurant as well.

Nearby is the actors gang which is a nice theater to go and see live theater and improv. You can also do all your shopping. There's a sprouts and a trader Joe's nearby. I just go for a walk after the markets get some sunshine. Every so often you strike up a conversation with friendly people. Yes, there are vaccine mandates for some of the restaurants. But not all of them. People are generally friendly. People are pretty content with their life out here. If you're ever in Los Angeles. Culver City is a charming little walkable area to get some good food and see some nice sites.















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I love the way you opened your article! Ask most people how they feel about where they live, they'll say something like "ah it's okay." It definitely helps one's happiness and mental growth to love where you live.

And yeah, looking at your many photos, you've got reason to love the city. To think just a hundred years ago, it was dirt roads and horses everywhere. And over another century from now? Eat your garlic, so you can live long enough to see it. 😁

Yes, thank you for stopping by. I appreciate the nice comments. It's not bad. I've got my struggles. I won't get into them but this time. But yeah, just staying focused on the positives. It's nice to go for a walk in the sunshine in the afternoon. I just posted another post cuz I saw this. Really cool car today. Never seen a car like that before so out here sometimes there's just little things that catch your eye. I'm surrounded by homeless, and I talked to one homeless lady on a regular basis. Even she can be upbeat out here. Sorry I didn't see your comment sooner. I try to take the weekends off. And I also am trying to post more trading and financial stuff on my other account @allthemoneys But I also end up posting pictures on my all the monies @dbuzz too. So I kind of forget sometimes about this old account. Cheers and thanks again. Hope all is well with you.

Thanks for the reply. Will follow your accounts, think I can learn a thing or five from you.

Some movie history there. Looks nice. I was in LA for work a few years back, but didn't get to travel around too much.

Right on Steve. It's a big place. Not as bad as some people say. Reminds me of St Louis except a bit more sunshine.

Yes I like the movies. I took a tour of the Sony lot once. It used to be MGM. When MGM went out of business, everything with "MGM" on it was sold except for one thing that remains on the lot to this day.... A Sewer Manhole cover 😂. It's located near the Water tower, which is mostly empty now. Oh... I got lots more trivia to share.

I been posting as @allthemoneys lately. Gonna try and keep that one focussed on Finances. And this account on run stuff. 😀.

Im hosting a Twitter Spaces every day this week, 4:20 East Coast 1:20 West Coast. Gonna try and keep the Hive dialogue alive there and also talk a little movies too.

Thanks for stopping by. All the very best to you😊