Where do you even come up with this rubbish? I've known Galen for a while and he is the one that introduced me to Hive, he has been nothing but supportive and provided excellent insight and guidance and I know some of his history, I'm pretty sure that if you knew it you wouldn't have said this. I believe that you had nothing else at your disposal but to lash out like that at him for making a pretty sensible observation. Your grammar in your comments isn't very good, your content looks spun (this is the correct form of the word to use in past tense by the way) to me as well and I would have come to the same conclusion had it been me in his shoes.

I hope you understand that you will have to deal with the repercussions of your actions. It was your choice to go down this road. Good luck to you. Downvoting is each person's choice. Galen was simply exercising his personal choice, the same way that you chose to accuse him of being racist which he is not. You might want to change what you put in your Bio. Hive is not your personal bank and if you aren't willing to put anything of value into it, what gives you the right to reap any benefit from it?

Hey Emma, thanks for the words. It looks like this user deleted the text in the post...Clearly he doesn't know that everything remains on the blockchain.


His grammar grates me. I think there's a lot that he doesn't know! I'm annoyed on your behalf and his reactions were really out of proportion to what he was asked.

Yeah, it seems the "apology" was insincere rather than sincere which, of course, was always my thought. It seems this user is better at spinning articles, powering down and exiting all of his Hive than apologising for false accusations based on nothing at all, no information and no fact.

Yes I deleted it because I later realise it is not worth apologizing for something you really are.😂😂

Oooo, naughty.

You are doubling down then? Bad move

For the record, I'm not a racist but I hate people who act like cunts.

Spin that one

Boomy, we can always rely upon you to accurately assess the person and state the situation clearly, concisely and colourfully. (I used C-words in homage to your use of the word cunt in your summary of this user.)

Words are a splendid thing, I like to pick the very best and the most apt for the situation! :0)

And in this case, your word choice is commensurate to the user it was intended to describe. Oh, commensurate...another C-word. I love happy coincidences.

Oooo naughty

For the record, I didn't call you a racist so probably if you claim to be one by yourself, thats fine

Spin that one also

Don't care. Shit in the wind.

I don't care either. Go to hell
I am still expecting your worse 🤣🤣😃🤣