Hey Appics family I am beyond proud of my son Jayyhancock! He is dancing in Justin ...

in #appics11 months ago

... Bieber‘s new music video “Come Around Me”🌟Proud Mom🌟❤️


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We are very proud of Jay! We‘re following his journey and the whole APPICS Community is happy to have all of you on our platform 🙏🏾

Thank you 🙏🏾 ❤️ We LOVE Our APPICS Family 💕💕

I'm so happy for you guys... it's great to feel proud for your kids🤗

Thank you so much 🙏🏾 and yes it is 💯🥰🥰

Congrats! That’s great news. Your son is in the big leagues now!

Thank you 🙏🏾 He’s doing it!!!!


Achievements like this take years of dedication and hard work that usually begins in childhood Thank you for nurturing that. Congratulations to you both.