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Natural crystals and gemstones hold certain vibrational energies that they can emit to the beings and structures around them.

Different crystals have different properties and enhance certain energies -

the Amethyst is a violet version of the quartz and is associated with spiritual protection and awareness, purification, cleansing ones energy field, and relieving stress.

What is your favorite crystal?


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According to indian horoscope these crystal have proporties to avoid negative energies to enter in to our life also suggests different gem stones according to our hosorscope. According to it, I am wearing yellow sapphire as mine is Aquarius. I dont strongly believe it but the ring looks awesome on me 😅😝

Yellow sapphire is a beautiful crystal. It’s ok if you don’t believe in it. It’s your own choice what to believe and what not 😉

Haha, you are the source of postive energy for us 🙏😇

I don't know anything about crystals, maybe I haven't touched them yet😅. But when i saw this post, then i just read a article about crystal now i am learned something about Crystal😎.Thanks for sharing❤🙏.

We always learn something new each day 😌

Actually I don’t have a favorite because I love them all. Every crystal has different properties so it’s very difficult to choose one 🤭

That’s really true 🧐

wow! so cute😍

Thanks 😉

Tough question, I don't know much about crystal😅

If crystals interest you, it’s time to learn more about it 😉

Snowflakes ❄️😉

😃 also a good choice

Sending Energy and light right back from South Africa 💛 Great pic...Love this..👌

Thank you 🙏🏾 sending you the energy back ✨

Well looks like I need to go get me some

Dark Energy Crystals #Splinterlands

jk! lol

Diamond it is

🤣 dark energy crystals are a different kind of valuable ^^ let’s do an APPICS Tournament with Splinterlands soon! So everyone can get more dark energy crystals

Yes so true I do believe Gems 💎 stones do bring positive energy, that’s why I like to collect them... also Thanks 🙏 To you and the Team for giving us positive energy 🤓

The community brings a lot of positive energy too! It’s an exchange of energies ✨ What is your favorite crystal?

I like them all... especially when they shine

nice picture outside from the city🌁

Thank you! I think the atmosphere outside the city is way more calm..., well written, man!..right now I like much ruby and changes every couple of one of my next posts i will show you a water jar whit possibility to put in crystals, so that the water will get energized..amazing stuff..we sell things like this in our shop for sustainable’s called ‚wabisabi‘, located in Berlin-Friedrichshain..shine on your crazy diamond...aah, diamonds of course are always one of my most loved..also the raw black ones..

Ohh really nice! I will look out for your post 👀

Actually not that into Gems! Im more into books and beleive that knowledge is power and nothing is as powerful than a boom and a positive mindset! also, loving the use of APPICS... 🌟

I like the combination of both 💥 And happy to hear that you enjoy APPICS 🙏🏾

crystals are such a gift!

Definitely! ✨

Let's get more positive energy out there

🙏🏾✨ Yes!

Many people put their trust into you and Appics team... In these days you are positive energy for them 😏🍀🖤

Thank you! We appreciate your trust and do everything in our power to keep rising and bring APPICS to the top 🙏💪

And we apreciate it 🌈

I like the way Amethyst looks. I wonder which properties it has. I liked your first sentence most. Makes you think.

The Amethyst is associated with spiritual protection and awareness, purification, cleansing ones energy field, and relieving stress. ✨

That’s awesome, thanks! Fits me just right. Got to be just like that stone ))

Well said!! Quartz is the most powerful healing energy on the Planet and Tiger Eye gives Willpower, Confidence and Good Fortune! They all have their own healing powers etc. That I find really cool, and should start using them!!

You’re right, they all have their own healing powers and I couldn’t choose just one either.

Being a crystal woman for many lives I so agree. Quartz is an amazing crystal and one I use daily along with a selenite log to balance my energy body. Awesome activators.

I truly agree. I like to use selenite for cleansing and amplifying the effect of my crystals.

Mine is Amazonite 🧚🏼‍♂️ I guess because I’m an artist ☺️

we are the energy house in our self time to spread positivity all around 😊


I must say, I am fond of Orgonite... I had a dear friend, @bearone create two beautiful pendants... one for me, and my other half. With as much "negative" as there is in the air... doesn't hurt :) I thank you also, for your upvote on my recent post...


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Same ! Got one from Felix 😍😍😍