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RE: Elven Portrait of fellow friend and music collaborator Kenneth Élan

in #art2 years ago

With you injured hand, you can still draw 100 times better than I can haha. I did a few days of inktober last year, but I didn't see it through. I used to draw a lat when I was a child - and with ink, which everyone thought was weird back then since pencils were more associated with drawing.

The music is beautiful, it was nice listening to it while reading the post at the same time haha.
I wish you a speedy recovery..☀️


Aw thanks, thanks for the compliment but I do feel it, not only in the time I now take to complete "anything" but in the discomfort and "steadiness" I literally cried and broke a few attempts while trying just cos I was not able to ink well, but I'm addressing my "patience" above all to adapt to the "tools" I have until I get better. Still for the album works I require "fine work" and it takes prolongued time on screen with a tablet, which I can't really at the moment. I'll take inktober as a little challenge, to test my boundaries. Maybe I will even draw more now that I value more all the idle time I spent without doing as much as I could :/ for sure if when get better I won't be idle again... you never know So maybe this little scare was a good reminder to use my skills when I'm able. I don't know if I'm explaining myself.