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Greetings, Steemians.
Going around the platform I found very good artworks undervalued and wonderful artists with very little visibility, appreciation and/or acceptance; I've also seen not very good artists with a very high reputation, perhaps higher what they may deserve. This sad situation has motivated me to dedicate this space every Saturday to the 7 best visual artworks that I found on the platform during the week.
Artwork Mentions - 1st week

The artist Ramses Bermudez heads this first list of mentions with a magnificent dragon eye, wishes his readers an excellent day and shares a quick camera video of the development of his Faber-Castell colors drawing that took him about 23 hours.
Take a look at his work!

Francis shares with us a true work of art, the materials she used and its elaboration step by step. No doubt it turned out a beautiful redhead. The publication has its context in Spanish and English so you can appreciate all its content.
Look at this!

The English artist Rowland Abolarin shares with us a portrait of the late president of the Republic of South Africa, Nelson Mandela. Rowland shares with us captures of the work in progress of this drawing in which he used only a ballpoint pen and it turned out to be wonderful.
Visit his publication!

The artist MarinaArt shares her entry to the Steem Monsters contest, a beautiful Black Fire drawing. She tells us a little about this character and shows shots of work in progress.
Support her art!

The steem artist Carlos Contreras shares with us a tender drawing entitled "A thread of love", a digital drawing made with an application on his smartphone mentioned in his publication. He shows us captures of the work in progress and tells a little about the legend of the red thread of love.
Head over his blog!

Erick Esquivel shares with us something surreal and macabre that attracts a lot of attention, he called it "Hands interlaced". He shows us how he did it step by step and what materials he used. No doubt a great job that would look good as a wallpaper of any device.
Take a look!

To finish the list, I mention the beautiful piece by Mistyt970 entitled "The Willow Weeping". It's a very intimate piece that she did to express her most recondite and recent emotional states, she doesn't deepen in her personal life to let the spectator see a bit of own history in the artwork. The work in progress video that she attached is beautiful.
Take a look at her artwork!
The publications shared here have been upvoted by the @Faircrew trail with my cooperation. Each day of the week I'll be selecting an excellent drawing of users with a reputation equal to or less than 60, in order to encourage their performance as artists and motivate them to continue improving every day. I invite you to visit each publication and show your support.

Let's make the community better!

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