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It always seems as though I miss so much when I go a couple of days without checking Steemit. For one, @bryan-imhoff finished his Ithaqa pinup that he illustrated to help support the Ithaqa Fundition Campaig. It came out so awesome, I encourage you to check it out.

It's so surreal to see another artist's interpretation of my character designs and I think @bryan-imhoff did such an amazing job picking up on the tiny details that differentiate how each character looks.

But in other news, nothing really interesting to report on my end. Just thought I'd share some more posca pen doodles. This post is One Piece themed.


One Piece is one of those anime that will always have a special place in my heart. It was probably one of the first anime I started watching (back when the god-awful 4kids dub was on TV). And because this series has a million episodes, I'm still watching it and will probably still be working my way through the episodes for many, many years to come.

It's always been my "happy" show, something I go back to when I need to lighten my mood. I've grown to love all of the characters so much and I even cosplayed as Usopp this past Halloween (you can find that pic if you go digging around in my instagram.

What are some of your favorite anime and what was the first anime you ever remember watching?


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Lovely works with those posca pen, Theresa. Ahhh I admire people who can whip up drawing really quickly and they turn out pretty nice regardless. You did a good job with Zorro? the guy with the three swords' pose, especially with the perspective and length of his arms. I like that you only shadowed certain parts of him too, very stylish.


But you are one of those people who can whip up a drawing and have it come out good!!! Or at least you make it seem that way XD

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The first anime I think I ever watched is Dragon Ball Z, one of my all time favorites. My most loved though is One Piece and though I only started watching it in 2014, it is also the one I go to when I need a pick me up, or even to be saddened. Smh I'm currently way behind on the anime but I'm still updated with the manga, like that I get to binge watch during Wano without having been spoiled for by internet trolls. lol That plus the hype is always too real!! That being said, Zoro is probaly my favorite strawhat and I gotta say you did him justice!! And Chopper too. Kudos!

I get intimidated when I think about getting into the manga. It just seems like soososos much content to work through. Zoro and Sanji used to be my favorite but now, they all just have a special place in my heart for different reasons. Thanks for reading and for the feedback!

These are really nice, Theresa! Zoro came out super well, with action pose and everything ! love how you do the pants * ___ * With black and blue-green <3 So simple but so stylish ! Gorgeous colours with these posca pens <3 <3 <3

The other drawing is adoooooooooorable ! That huge smile with them determined eyes !!! :D

At first I thought 'one piece' meant you somehow did the drawings in one piece, which I was curious what that meant, now I see it's an anime. I never really watched anime. I mean I guess 'speed racer' was anime, maybe? I don't know, I'm ancient so I suppose that was my first. For some reason I was always more drawn to the old school 40's style old little lulu cartoons. My favourite, which was in reruns during the day, was Sabrina the teenage witch cartoon, which I think was from the 60's.

Oh that sounds a lot more interesting than what I did XD And it's never too late to get into anime! I didn't know there was a cartoon version of Sabrina the teenage witch from the 60s. I remember watching the cartoon show from the 90s/early 2000s which, now that I look back at it, looks really dated...but not in the good way.

Yes the 60s version is really dated and corny but I loved it. IT was my favourite comic as a kid. I was excited when they remade Sabrina as a dark comic recently and now I heard that Netflix is making a new show based on the dark version of Sabrina that I am actually quite excited about.