NFT Showroom NEWS: Getting ready to deploy some fun updates!

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We have a fun new round of updates that will be rolling out over the next few weeks, here is a sneak peek of the more significant changes!


YES! Auctions have been highly requested and they are getting very close. The hive engine dev team has finished the contract, there will be a hive-engine hard fork required to implement this which is tentatively planned for later next week. After that we will need to implement it on the site, we will keep you up to date on progress!


More than anything we want the artists who use our site to be fairly compensated. On initial release we wanted to keep our primary market fee lower than competing platforms so we decided to balance that out by making the secondary sale royalty 5%. This new update will make it 10% for the artist and 0% for us 👏


We have many musicians already on the site who are using the MP4 option to tokenize music, we want to extend this and add support for music files with an album cover for the thumbnail so musicians have more choice in how to offer their music!


This one may seem small but we think it will make a huge difference! Currently artists need to upload a 1 MB thumbnail for each token, this was done to make sure our gallery pages loaded super fast but many artists requested higher limits especially for MP4s/ GIF thumbnails.

On the new update the limit will be 5 MB and artists will be able to use MP4 format for the MP4 uploads!

There will be a few other minor UI improvements that will help with overall functionality 👀

As always if you have any questions or concerns please visit us in the discord and make sure to follow our social links below!

Thumbnail art top row from left to right: by @gabryox, @opheliaviolet, @nscarlett
Thumbnail art bottom row from left to right: @oshu.chan, @oblinof, @ake-rg

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Thats great news overall! I would love to have the auctions implemented soon! Also great of raising the size of the thumbnail! Usually it was just a few kb more but with 5 MB we all should be more than fine.

Such a great news! Awesome! 🔥🔥🔥

I am very excited about the addition of music NFTs -- will be glad to release some upcoming records with the showroom if possible :-)

I hope there can also be a smart contract feature where an automated collection of fees and distribution of profits and royalties among listed collaborators are easily done. The NFT space is so ripe for collaboration between artists of different media. :)

Okay okay, yeah This artist is inching closer to signing up.

Hmmm. This opens the door for more business and collaboration. Artists can create album covers for musicians willing to pay. Genius.

One can market and hype the crap out of an auction before it takes place, with a blog post that pays. Genius.

I usually tie a blog post into most of my artwork. I like to read and tell the story behind the art.

Yeah, that's the way to be. I don't normally vote for the posts with the one image, few words, and a link to the NFT.

Why are you talking to yourself?

I don't know...

At least one person is listening. :-)

That's a lot, compared to five minutes ago.

Do it, but only if you make it weird.

Hello Neighbor.jpeg

That'll do, carry on.

Carry on?

NoNamesLeftToUse - Carry On.jpg



Because I'm tired of holding it.

So now I must hold on?

How are you not on yet

When we find a new cliff diving location, I'm polite, and let everyone else go first.

I don't think this is what that is 🤔

I was just kidding. I'm in no hurry. It's still in development. I worked thousands of hours producing art for this chain's enjoyment over the years. I'm a little bit tired, too. Several personal reasons. I'm all for it. Just not in a hurry.

No! It's now or never!

LOL! That crypto voodoo never worked on me, man.

Please I got nft art on opensea for auction savvy v1 is the name you will love my art 😍🥰

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Great updates! The thumbnail was honestly one of the first things I noticed that could use a little work so super happy to see that! Very cool on the music front! I'm curious to see some ideas as to how artists use this besides simply selling the track.

nice update.
probably a dumb question.
how tha artist Participation in auction?

That will be detailed when auctions are live.

Great stuff guys! Will definitely try out the upgraded version of NFT Showroom <3

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Hope there will be some improvements in the "Freshly Tokenized Art" section cause the actually new ones get flooded by older ones after minting 🤔

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If you're talking about the main gallery there is a filter you can choose if you prefer to see only new art, we are looking at additional ways to browse art though!
Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 6.41.25 PM.png

Wow cool thx for that screenshot, very helpful

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Oh and before I forget, would be cool if the collections could be bundled so that one could share a link where everybody knows what collection one is referring to

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This is wonderful.

Great news! Quite excited about the auction function :-)
And the mp3 and wav support is awesome, looking forward to see (and hear) a lot of music on NFT-Showroom!

These are great enhancements to the platform and should do a lot to expand the community. Thanks for all the hard work to make this happen!

As a musician I 100% approve of this. Lets GO!

Awesome! Great to see you guys kept pushing forward, while I tried to take took a week off. Especially excited for the auction function. Patiently awaiting the update.

Big hug!

Awesome updates!. Looking forward to mint one of my tracks in WAV and setting it for an auction.

This is great news. I've not been able to upload MP4 files, and have some stuff I'm itching to share. Great platform. I've only just gotten onboard, and have made no sales yet, but I believe this is going to be big.

Exciting news!

Amazing updates! Looking to add in my 2nd NFT here tomorrow! Auctions will be interesting soon!

Wow awesome! I wanna share My albums covers and My art in general here soon. Amazing news

Great news, super excited for all this! I love using this platform and seeing all the amazing art this community of wildly talented people is constantly producing :)

NFT Showroom is going to be Hive's killer dApp!

Any possibility of implementing a "Collaboration" feature for us musicians utterly lacking in visual art skills to share royalties with the people who create our album covers?

Bidding is gonna be fun !

These news are so exciting 😊

That are good news and this means more fun and value for the artists